We like to think of ourselves as wordsmiths and cartoonists. Gathering words together in the hope they convey, make sense and deliver. We blog, we write, we draw, we do our thing. Be it here or there. We’ve been lucky souls and seen our words published in some of the finest magazines and websites around including Gay Times, DJ Magazine, M Magazine, The Huffington Post, Queer Company, Real Brighton, Gscene Magazine, You Got Papped, iLabel, The Source, Insight, Itchy Guides, Diva Magazine, Gscene, Aeon Events and Big Love. We review, comment and promote be it music, clubbing, DJ’s, politics, queer social history, campaigning or, on that most ultimate of distractions, life. Kate’s even had an erotic story published. Like you do.

As part of Kate’s degree in Visual Culture at Brighton University she wrote a First Class dissertation on the imagery used in gay clubs entitled Strike A Pose, There’s Something To It: Imagery in gay clubbing 1989-2013 which examined the relationship between the images reappropriated for advertising and queer semiotics. She is currently working on several projects including a history of gay clubbing in the UK and the self identification of lesbian DJs. Kate also writes press and web content for Brighton & Hove Pride as well as curating alongside Queen Josephine for the UK’s biggest Pride including the exhibitions Strike A Brighton Pose: A History of LGBT+ Clubbing in Brighton, BrightonPride25 and 2016’s Uniting Nations – a celebration of the global Pride movement.

Queen Josephine is having quite a year of it with her Ouch House Diaries cartoon and Strip Service. Published in both Gscene Magazine and via her blog, it’s a look at the life of 50+ lesbian with way too little time on her hands and not enough pens to keep up. Plus she’s been wowing the ladies all year with her enchanting Scene Queens for Diva Magazine, celebrating the heroines who make our scene the wonder it is.

For journalist / wordsmith / journal / cartooning commissions and enquiries or commissions please contact us.

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