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From Skint to Priceless

I’m a Gooner. She’s a Hammer. But this month we’ll be strictly blue and white as we support our Seagulls fight for promotion to the Premier League. Nothing would make this city prouder to see the club so many wrote off make it to the big time. Through grit, determination, exile, homelessness Brighton & Hove Albion‘s blue and white army never lost hope. So this April put your hands up for our city, our lovely city and lets get Brighton & Hove Albion were they belong. Come on you Seagulls!!! #together

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Together with my Nan. A blatant emotional plug for Together Fundraiser 29.05.11 Above Audio Brighton

My Nan. Sat on a deckchair by a flowery bush. And yes I appreciate the resemblance.

Cooo-eeeh she would shout down Connaught Avenue, shirt hitched above the knees, petticoat showing, John Player hanging out of mouth, handbag precariously hanging off her best but if better days woollen coat. My Nan – Lucy. Retired pub landlady, cleaner, lover of ham and egg suppers and late night snooker on the telly. My Nan. Lost to cancer, way too young and way too soon. She would of loved my missus and I would of loved those tales I tell of my Nan to have come directly from her cockney mouth. But those fags or those genes got the better of her and she never made it past my 21st.

Its an understatement to say cancer is a right bugger. Cos it is. Too many people taken way too soon, too many families living with its destructive impact. But charities such as Cancer Research UK are working hard to ensure its not just Daily Mail dubious headline claims of latest cures that are fighting this bastard of a disease. Which is why when a certain Chris Taylor calls I, like so many other Brighton DJs, drop what their doing and play for nowt at his latest Cancer Research UK fundraiser. The nights are called Together. The amount of money he’s raised has been amazing and the next one is this Sunday at Above Audio from 3pm. Queenie and I will be there. May I suggest you join us and we’ll do this Together.

More info. *It being a Bank Holiday feel free to replace any descriptive words to do with sunshine with rain / chilly wind. Sod just wear a cardi!

If you’ve ever been to a Together party before, you’ll know what to expect. If not (or for those of you that can’t remember due to one too many sambuca’s!), expect:

1 – More DJ’s than you’ve ever seen at one event, often all playing at the same time!
2 – A friendly, approachable group of people
3 – To be asked for a few pennies for Cancer Research UK. All of our events are non-profit, and we always raise money for the charity. We’ve raised over £7,000 in the last 3 years.

DJ’s playing in the sun(?) include:
Arkadiusz Koper b2b Discoboy
Michael Denney b2b Sam Vining
Lidia De Luca b2b Andy Steinecke
Kate Wildblood b2b Queen Josephine
Russell Ruckman
Jason Pepperell
Loop De Ville

So come down, eat a burger, do a shot or two, have a little dance and a sunbathe and enjoy the Bank Holiday with your friends.

New mix! Wildblood and Queenie’s Spring Wonder Vol.3: The soulful loved up one

Photo by Sam WadmanThe suns out! Which means one thing. We’re keen to keep it soulful funky and loved up as we head towards a summer of Wild Fruit wonders, Rebel naughtiness, fabulous Dirty Sunset Disco’s, Together weekends, GOGO adventures and Soul Damn Funky moments. So here’s a mix to fit our loved up mood. Soulful house of the finest kind that have you Crying For Love, grooves that’ll ensure you Get Funky and anthems that will prove Love Is You. All we need now is to make sure no one pulls the plug so we can Keep On Jumpin’ till the early hours.

So far its been a year of jumpin’ wonders as Wild Fruit rocked the Honeyclub, we did battle with some dirty beats (and over excited smoke machine) at Rebel, DSD opened a season of beachfront partying with some style, the get down was had with the boys from Bang! at Floorplay at Coalition, all was terrace-tastic on our return to Audio and Disco Deviant did us disco sweet. We can’t wait for the next installment.

So here’s the next 80 mins in our Spring Wonders series. A mix for the sunshine, a mix for loved up moments, a mix for the glorious summer to come. Enjoy.

1. Toomy Disco Since ‘I Fell For You’ (Original) So Sound Recordings
2. Rocco & C. Robert Walker ‘I Love The Night’ (Original)
3. Manoo & Francois A Feat. Dyanna Fearon ‘Crying For Love’ (Vocal Mix)
4. Frankie Knuckles Pres. Director’s Cut Feat. Jamie Principle ‘I’ll Take You There’ (Director’s Cut Classic Signature Mix)
5. DJ Meme Orchestra Feat. Tracey K ‘Love Is You’ (Original Disco Mix)
6. John Julius Knight ‘Born Again’ (Original Mix)
7. Joey Negro Pres. Akabu ‘Life Is So Strange EP’ (Joey Negro Medusa Mix)
8. Ghosts Of Venice Feat Errol Reid ‘Without You’
9. Cajmere Feat. Dajae ‘Brighter Days’ (DJ Spen Muthafunkin Anthem Mix)
10. Todd Terry Feat. Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown ‘Keep On Jumpin’ (Tee’s Freeze Mix)
11. Alex Kenji, Federico Scavo ‘Get Funky’ (Original Mix)
12. Osheen & James Christian ‘Let It Be Alright’
13. Klub Family Feat. Sybil ‘When I Fall In Love’ (Knee Deep Disco Club Mix)

Stream on Mixcloud here

Download from Soundcloud

And if you fancy it you can always vote for Queenie and Wildblood in this years Gscene / Real Brighton’s Golden Handbag Awards Best DJ here http://www.realbrighton.com/handbags/

Catch Wildblood and Queenie at
Wild Fruit Rio Pool Party @ The HoneyClub Brighton 28.05.11
Together @ Audio, Brighton 29.05.11
GOGO Festival at Headcorn Aerodrome, Kent. 17th-20th June
Soul Damn Funky Live 12noon-2pm @ http://www.codesouthfm.com 17th July
And HRH Queen Josephine at DSD @ OhSo Social every Friday

Photo by Sam Wadham http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=362614225465&ref=ts

Crash, bang, whallop what a year!

So here we go – skidding, sliding and sleighing our way out of another sound year. A year full of surprises, wonders, the odd disappointment and plenty of Radio Jo. Every Xmas I’ve hit in the past 17 years I’ve faced the same wonderful dilemma – what to get the missus this time? Should the gift reflect the love, the laughs or the lust? Just how to do I tickled pink the missus all noel like without reverting to the married stereotypes. (Mind you I’m still loving the B&D workmate). Whatever gift genre I go for, I like to hope I’ve succeeded each year, depending on the audience watching as she opens her festive package but there is one there is one gift that always works. (And no it doesn’t come from the ever tasteful West Ham catalogue).

It’s the photos that win it. Sweet reflections on a sweet year, accompanied always with a decent soundtrack, that capture everything I wanna say. 2010 is no different, every wonder is there. Shared or supported she (and you) make it so. From QJ’s DSD debut to her dirty late night beats over Pride, the grin on the missus’ (late and rushed) but happy mush as she played the Sundae Pride terrace B2B with Chris, to our sandy moments in Ibiza, ping pong and all. That Pride weather forecast, our shared World Cup despair, the Hubbell love, the genius of our Madgeness and the wonder of Mr Mo. Queenie’s home grown vegetable triumphs and those unforgettable afters in our hubbies kitchen. Tales of bathing late (and waterless) at Helene’s, gadding in my favourite garden, watching the little ones becomes teens of exception and loving them even more than before, making new mates and loving the old ones, keeping it disco at Vintage and loving the glamour Helene, HMD, Jeffery, Julia and Maz delivered.

Celebrating a Golden Bourne marriage, keeping it family and fruity far too late at night and saying farewell to Sundae with a tear in my eye. Tutting with disgust as I (and so many) were ConDemed to a unfair future whilst I started a journey of books and learning that only Queenie could of made possible. Pissing off the neighbours with far too many decent tunes to mention and wondering who thought Eastbourne was a good idea. Explaining the eyeful that was Jeff Koons at the Tate Modern to my Ma, digging a certain Miss Favouritizm taste in tunes and feeling the Big Love. Appreciating Ant’s grooving, admiring the Duffie and giggling with Wayne, surviving the builders and saying hello to baby Charlie. Loving Brighter Days, You’ve Been Papped (RIP), bringing the beats Together, surviving City College (whallop!) thanx to some sound lads, getting Forde-d with style and and witnessing Christy hit the big 18. Admiring Sean’s booties whilst Prok, Fitch, Haji, Tony, Audio, Guy, Dave, Lady Bex, Becca, Linzi, James, Sean, Chrissy, Mikalis, Chris, Nick, Dolly, Jonny, Linda, Charlie, Vicki and Paul made our Pride weekend.

Yes I lapped up the Duck Sauce, staggered along too many walks of shame and wondered if one can ever eat too many homegrown courgettes but 2010 was truly vintage. From the fluffy to the fruity via the late nights and random moments I had a ball. Be the whispers sweet or the bass loud, this was a year of change and downright chuffness I’ll not forget. Thank you all for making it so. And thank you Queenie. You know why. xxx