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Perfect Distraction: Borderline – Butch le Butch 5am Garage Rework

So ladies, worried our supreme leader thinks you can’t take the bins out? Need to butch up so you can do a boys job? Then head over to Bandcamp and grab yourself this blinder from Butch le Butch as he muscles up Madonna’s Borderline and brings sunshine to these dark days with his 5am Garage Rework. Yep nothing is making me wiggle more in my pinny than this housewife’s favourite. Pushing our love for Butch Le Butch to new heights.

Madonna Borderline (Butch le Butch 5am Garage Rework) Buy it via Bandcamp today.



Perfect Distraction: Maribor’s HIAB / HAWWY on Super Kitchen

Since I heard it for the first time Sunshine Anderson‘s slice of R’N’B genius, so deftly remixed by Ben Watt and E-Smoove, it had me by the short and curlies. Nothing said Sunday Sundae early doors like I’ve Heard All Before and nothing made my grin wider.

That is until this beaut came along from Badimup record boss, Maribor on the Super Kitchen label.  HIAB / HAWWY  hit my heart within seconds of its first play and has stayed there ever since with its rolling, acid-y tones and typically rough-and-ready percussive textures (yep I read the press release!) It is a slice of 130 ruffage – get me – and its perfect. Just like way back in 2001 I want Sunshine in my life 24/7. Which thanks to Maribor I have. Endlessly.

Maribor HIAB / HAWWY is out on Super Kitchen on  12th May 2017
Pre-order here  Yes buy not steal. Remember kids, home taping is killing music.

Perfect Distraction: Cerrone’s Supernature (Sam Redmore’s ’77 Club Mix)

We all need a little something to make us feel super. So why not indulge in the super retake of Cerrone’s Supernature as Sam Redmore delivers a sparkling ’77 Club Mix. 14 minutes of bliss bound destined to make your day, well, super. Grab a download today and get down with Sam. All super like.

Perfect Distraction: Bearcubs’ Underwaterfall EP on All Points

A unique blend of emotive electronic, future garage and lo-fi house music on a rainy Tuesday morning anyone? Then you are in the right place as I get distracted, all perfect like, by Bearcubs‘ haunting new EP Underwaterfall. To say it will keep you mindful of the good things in life during these turbulent times is an understatement. Charming in its sparseness, Underwaterfall is a exercise in beauty, with enough synths and layered vocals to keep the moodiest of us electronica fans happy. 

Bearcubs Underwaterfall EP on All Points released 10th March. Pre-order here Yes buy not steal. Remember kids, home taping is killing music.

Catch Bearcubs live at Brighton’s Mono on 24th March. Tickets here. Just one of the many dates on Bearcubs must-see debut headline UK and European Spring Tour, in partnership with Majestic Casual. Dates include 20.03 at The Crofters Rights, Bristol, 22.03 at Headrow House, Leeds 23.03 at The Garage (Attic Bar), Glasgow, 24.03 at Mono, Brighton, 28.03 at Birthdays, London and 05.04 at Badehaus, Berlin.

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Perfect Distraction: AKASE’s Rust on !K7

70a00773-f8d4-4e35-b628-cce9c199c59fOn a day in a week of flux when I felt so disconnected this Rust reconnected me. And I can’t help but keep returning to its glorious Radioheadness and Justin Martin like soundscapes. Thank you AKASE. That’s me connected. Once again. A mark of wonder from the genius that is Midland and Robbie Redway. A more than perfect distraction.

AKASE, the collaborative project between Harry Agius (better know as Midland) and Robbie Redway’s debut single ‘Rust‘ on !K7 is out Monday 29th June 2015. AKASEMUSIC

Perfect Distraction: Hifi Sean’s Record Box Mixtape


Today my perfect distraction is Hifi Sean. This finest of bearded ones has provided me with many a late night soundtrack. Keeping me grinning and wiggling till the early hours with his delicious house music. But today I’m revelling in his hidden depths. A (sound) and vision only available courtesy of his night Record Box at Soho’s Manbar. Until now. Until now when he rather brilliantly stuck his inspired Record Box selection on Soundcloud. Now my day is complete. Like me you’ll marvel in his tune collection, the oooooo’s and electronic aaaaahs, the soul, the white pony ride and grin at the Jolene. Yep if you fancy a cute distraction from the elements this is the one. Never has a wiggle been so deserving.


Perfect Distraction: Daft Punk’s Get Lucky teaser


I like a tease. I like Disco. I like this. Suddenly summer seems so close I can smell it. Dancing under stars, grass underfoot, ice cold cider in hand and disco dears by my side. Hold on guys, a funk fuelled daft disco summer is on its way.