Strike A Brighton Pose

A rite of passage for so many, LGBTQ clubbing has provided us with so much more than just a soundtrack to our lives. The disco became our family, helped us forge our identities and connected us community, friends and lovers.

Strike A Brighton Pose examines Brighton & Hove’s LGBTQ clubbing history through flyers, artwork, photography and the memories of those who were there. From clubbers to promoters, venue owners to DJs, and hosts to designers, Strike A Brighton Pose delivers a snapshot of the city’s most fabulous dancefloor moments.

Club flyers could simply be dismissed as ephemeral visual pleasures, short lived windows into the world of LGBTQ clubbing, discarded the moment the DJ played the last tune of the night. But through Strike A Brighton Pose they re-emerge to deliver an important snapshot of gay subcultures, allowing the viewer to piece together not just changes in graphic design and advertising trends but how the LGBTQ community was and is seen and, perhaps most importantly, how they see themselves.

From the cut-n-paste xerox designs of Club Shame, Subterfuge and Dynamite Boogaloo to the computer enhanced graphics of Traumfrau or DSD, the flyers document the development of LGBTQ culture and the effects of gay liberation.

Images are no longer just reclaimed by the LGBTQ community for their own use but created by them. We do this because we can, because gay liberation has allowed us not just to interrupt the signifiers of mass culture, but to become the directors and consumers of mass culture.

Strike A Brighton Pose repositions the disposable flyer and their graphic combinations of camp, gay masculinity, femininity, sexuality and their reappropriations of postmodern iconography. In doing so it aims to deliver a different way of seeing, allowing the flyer to strike a very Brighton pose.

Strike A Brighton Pose The Exhibition was curated by Kate Wildblood and Queen Josephine and took place at Brighton’s Jubilee Library in August 2014 as part of the Brighton Pride Arts and Film Festival and was a fundraising event for Pride Brighton and Hove.  For more info find us on Facebook.

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