Home Service


Wildblood & Queenie’s Home Service on RadioReverb is a celebration of the beats that make our souls grin with upfront album cuts, must hear new singles, charming disco edits, not-so-guilty pleasures, crackling vinyl joys and classic club wonders delivering a suitably Brighton fabulous soundtrack. Add must-wiggle club night recommendations, and, yes, Queenie’s Shipping Forecast, and you can expect an hour of broadcasting unlike any other. Wildblood & Queenie’s Home Service is broadcast on the first and third Saturday of each month at 7pm and repeated the following Thursday at 1pm and Friday at 11pm on RadioReverb 97.2FM & DAB. The show is also available as a monthly podcast on Mixcloud.Radio Reverb is a community run, non-profit organisation. For details on how you can sponsor Wildblood & Queenie’s Home Service from as little as £60 a month click here. To find out more about Home Service and to partake in the show follow us on Twitter or FacebookListen live to RadioReverb and Wildblood & Queenie’s Home Service on TuneIn tunein_logo