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Perfect Distraction: COEO’s Tonic Edits Vol.5

Nothing brings out the sunshine quicker than a right proper boogie tune. And nothing sizzles as fine as this scorcher from Toy Tonic‘s cutie COEO. Yep Tonic Edits Vol.5 has it all – from the swish latin fuelled horn heavy wonder that is Cabrio Mango, the get down wonder that is the blast from our funky past 1981 and the laidback jam that is She Keeps It Good. Forever in our bag, this will have you shaking yours till the sun goes down. And comes back up again.

COEO’s Tonic Edits Vol.5 on Toy Tonics is out now. Listen and order your vinyl copy here  Yes buy not steal. Remember kids, home taping is killing music.

Perfect Distraction: Borderline – Butch le Butch 5am Garage Rework

So ladies, worried our supreme leader thinks you can’t take the bins out? Need to butch up so you can do a boys job? Then head over to Bandcamp and grab yourself this blinder from Butch le Butch as he muscles up Madonna’s Borderline and brings sunshine to these dark days with his 5am Garage Rework. Yep nothing is making me wiggle more in my pinny than this housewife’s favourite. Pushing our love for Butch Le Butch to new heights.

Madonna Borderline (Butch le Butch 5am Garage Rework) Buy it via Bandcamp today.



Perfect Distraction: Maribor’s HIAB / HAWWY on Super Kitchen

Since I heard it for the first time Sunshine Anderson‘s slice of R’N’B genius, so deftly remixed by Ben Watt and E-Smoove, it had me by the short and curlies. Nothing said Sunday Sundae early doors like I’ve Heard All Before and nothing made my grin wider.

That is until this beaut came along from Badimup record boss, Maribor on the Super Kitchen label.  HIAB / HAWWY  hit my heart within seconds of its first play and has stayed there ever since with its rolling, acid-y tones and typically rough-and-ready percussive textures (yep I read the press release!) It is a slice of 130 ruffage – get me – and its perfect. Just like way back in 2001 I want Sunshine in my life 24/7. Which thanks to Maribor I have. Endlessly.

Maribor HIAB / HAWWY is out on Super Kitchen on  12th May 2017
Pre-order here  Yes buy not steal. Remember kids, home taping is killing music.

Perfect Distraction: Earl Jeffer’s Mysteries

There’s nothing like an adventure in musical paradise on a Sunday morning. So if you are in the mood for something a little special head Earl Jeffers way for his sweet as Mysteries / Joonya EP on the Ten Thousand Yen label. House of the melodic kind with a slow burning soulful heart back to back with a funk fuelled heavy based line beaut that will get your pulse racing into paradise. Tunes that will endear you to the Earl everytime.

Earl Jeffer’s Mysteries / Joonya EP is released on Ten Thousand Yen on 22nd May. Listen and pre-order here. Yes buy not steal. Remember kids, home taping is killing music.


Perfect Distraction: Cerrone’s Supernature (Sam Redmore’s ’77 Club Mix)

We all need a little something to make us feel super. So why not indulge in the super retake of Cerrone’s Supernature as Sam Redmore delivers a sparkling ’77 Club Mix. 14 minutes of bliss bound destined to make your day, well, super. Grab a download today and get down with Sam. All super like.

From Skint to Priceless

I’m a Gooner. She’s a Hammer. But this month we’ll be strictly blue and white as we support our Seagulls fight for promotion to the Premier League. Nothing would make this city prouder to see the club so many wrote off make it to the big time. Through grit, determination, exile, homelessness Brighton & Hove Albion‘s blue and white army never lost hope. So this April put your hands up for our city, our lovely city and lets get Brighton & Hove Albion were they belong. Come on you Seagulls!!! #together

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Perfect distractions: Watergate 22 – Catz ‘N Dogz

After four days off radar I can’t think of a finer way to chase the black dog away than with some, well, finer sounding Catz ‘N Dogz. Thank you Watergate. The volume control on life’s good bits has just outblasted the bad.

Watergate 22 mixed by Catz ‘N Dogz will be released on CD & digital on March 3rd on, you guessed it, Watergate.

Pre-order CD here  or digitally here Yes buy not steal. Remember kids, home taping is killing music.