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About Wildblood and Queenie

Wildblood and Queenie are exactly what it says on the tin. (Almost.) DJs, freelance journalists, cartoonist and queer writer who likes to wiggle, campaign and disco. Like they do.

Queenie gets loved up with Lady Lola

It’s June dear reader, that sparkling month of sunshine (I hope) and the desire to dance and prance!!! This month, I catch back up with the irrepressible and gorgeous Lady Lola to hear about her current deck action.

Hello, how are you? I’m doing great thanks. Managing to juggle being a mummy and a DJ quite well! Haha!

You seem to be a busy lady – where can we see/hear you playing? I’ve had so many amazing opportunities already this year and it’s only June! I’ve landed myself a residency at one of Brighton’s best underground nights- Berlin at the Green Door Store. And I still host my weekly radio show on every Saturday 8pm-10pm plus I’ve got lots of gigs coming up in Brighton & London and even some festivals! I just did Nightshift all day party at The Tempest and upcoming I’m playing Noisily Festival, Leicestershire 7-10th July and Electric Battlefields Festival at Newhaven Fort 22nd July.

What music is rocking Lola’s world these days? Techno!!! I went to Berlin recently. And went to a night hosted by Stil Vor Talent. It was incredible!!!! I saw lots of DJs and producers that I admire and for me, the night was very musically enlightening.

What’s so good about playing in Brighton just now? Brighton has turned a corner in terms of music and clubbing. There are lots of independent promoters putting on great underground nights, and using alternative venues as well as the usual go to clubs. With the combination of promoters being passionate about music, great local talent and everyone supporting each other, this ultimately other means the music scene in Brighton has been thriving over the last year.

It seems amazing (is someone speeding up the months?) but Brighton Pride isn’t far away. It’s a bit early to ask about this year’s plans I know, but do you have any stand out memories from last year? For me, every year it’s playing the closing set in the Girls Tent in Preston ParkDjing in front of a home crowd of 5000+ is an amazing feeling!

Your little boy is a year old now – is he developing a love for all things ‘house’? He absolutely LOVES music! There is always music playing at home. Whether it’s house, Techno or lots of old skool tunes– like funk, Prince and even Frank Sinatra!

What’s your guilty pleasure? I’ve got too many to list! Hahaha!!

Describe yourself in three words! Compassionate. Vivacious. Whirlwind

Lady Lola’s June Five

Prok & Fitch Double Vision Suara

Oxia Domino (Matador remix) Sapians

D-Deck Dabiah KD Raw

Green Velvet & Prok & Fitch Sheeple Relief

Oliver Koletzki Planetarium Stil Vor Talent

Lady Lola facebook

Wildblood + Queenie’s June Gscene Wonders

We’re feeling the love this June as we soundtrack our month of fun in the sun. Yep there’s a load to wiggle to as we delve deep into the delights of the latest house, disco and electronica.

Keeping the grooves on the downlow this month are the dizzyingly beautiful Russian groove of Lubish’s Clouds on Erizados, the melodies of DC Salas’s The Unspoken on Biologic Records and the warm, low slung but bass heavy class of fabric 94: Steffi on fabric Records.

Compilations ensuring this is a month of cork popping include the delights of Kittball Konspiracy Vol.14 on Kittball Records and Get Physical’s two June jumpers, Get Physical presents Ibiza 2017 compiled & mixed by Ben Hoo and the seminal 15 Years of Get Physical. Olivia John would be proud.

As for our must wiggle wonders? Grab yourself a slice of heaven courtesy of this bunch and life will be forever bright. Yep with the iconic 10cotexas Discotexas 10 Year Anniversary Compilation on, you guessed it, Discotexas, MacStanton’s spacy disco adventure LOdyssee on So French Records, Roosevelt’s Roosevelt Remixed 1&2 on Greco-Roman/ City Slang or Billy Palmier’s charming disco wonder Escape From Freedom on Citywurl Records and your boogie can only get better. Enjoy.

Wildblood & Queenie’s 12” June Jollies

Joe Goddard Home (Morgan Geist remix) Domino Already up there as contender for tune of the year. Masterful.

COEO Cabrio Mango Toy Tonics Made for sunshine terraces, a tune to bring on the summer.

Prok & Fitch Nodding Dog Kaluki Music You’ll all be nodding to this monster of a floorfiller all night long.

John Davis & The Monster Orchestra Up Jumped The Devil (Louie Vega Remix) Nurvous Orchestral manoeuvres of the perfect disco kind.

Marquis Hawkes The Basement is Burning AUS Feel good house that will fill you soul with a great big grooving grin.

DJ Nature Born Lifted Futureboogie A Home Service favourite with royal approval from Queenie.

Leigh D Oliver Pussyfoot (Original Mix) Sordid Feel the feline love with this fierce house track.

City Jams Redlight Hot Haus NYC infused house cut worthy of your undivided dancing attention.

Catz ‘N Dogz feat. Shaun J. Wright Afterglow (Bright Mix) Watergate Enchanting adventures of the Berlin kind. Just how we like it.

Mix & Fairbanks Wish I Didn’t Miss You Made & Played The Angie Stone classic gets the perfect disco re-edit treatment.

Catch Wildblood & Queenie on RadioReverb’s Home Service 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month 19:00 and at The Western’s Big Love Terrace Party on Sunday 28th May 5pm-late




Bank Holiday Terrace Party w/ Seamus Haji’s Big Love 280517

With the forecast scorching there’s nothing for it but to get down with some of Brighton’s finest as we get set to wiggle at The Western this Sunday for Bank Holiday Terrace Party w/ Seamus Haji’s Big Love. We can’t wait to get on the decks and deliver some mighty fine disco, blistering boogie, balearic beats and sunshine house with local deck heroes Seamus Haji, Andy Mac, Nick Hook, Billy Mauseth, W.H.A.T.A.M.I and Anthony FaulknerSo join us this Sunday for some sound selections in the sunshine as we bring the Big Love to Brighton’s Bank Holiday weekend.

Bank Holiday Terrace Party w/ Seamus Haji’s Big Love. Sunday 28th May. The Western, 11 Cranbourne Street, Brighton. 17:00-00:00. Free entry. Drinks deals. Find out more and say you’ll be there on Facebook.

Seamus Haji (Big Love/Juice Brighton) 11pm-12am
Andy Mac (1BrightonFM) 10pm-11pm
Kate Wildblood & Queen Josephine (Reverb Radio) 9pm-10pm
Nick Hook (Tech-noir Club – Brighton / Jeepers! Music) 8pm-9pm
Billy Mauseth (BMC) 7pm-8pm
W.H.A.T.A.M.I (Trickstar Radio) 6pm-7pm
Anthony Faulkner (BIMM) 5pm-6pm

In need of a distraction: Bonobo: Bambro Koyo Ganda feat. Innov Gnawa

Today any distraction will do as my head tries to fathom the suffering others inflict on the innocent. From Aleppo to Manchester, Nigeria to Yemen, Iraq to Pakistan and the Central African Republic. Possibilities lost, loved ones never coming home. Senseless, heartless, endless. All we can do is hope that one day the world will see sense. That one day the wisdom of innocents who harbour no hate, have no warped ideologies and see only good in the world will prevail. Until then…

Silver Home Service now on Mixcloud

A pleasure to produce our Silver Home Service is a celebration of you guys. The wonders that made our past 25 years behind the decks of brighton’s clubland such a joy.

Picking just an hour of tunes to reflect that love was a difficult one but the attempt was made. Be it the Shameless Hussies flirt fest that was Teddy Pendergrass’ The More I Get, The More I Want, the Candy Bar corker that was The Pound Boys remix of Angie Stone’s Wish I Didn’t Miss You, our relationship defining favourite Madonna tune, the disco delight that made our Horse Meat Disco wiggles courtesy of Fern Kinney, the Wild Fruit anthem that is Kathy Sledge’s Another Star, the Audio / Patterns perfection that is Thomas Gandey & Maxxi Soundsystem’s Yes You Do It,  the addictive beats of the Rebel, Schtumm, Floorplay, Blow and Bang‘s sizzler Let’s Dance by Cajmere & Russoul, the spacey tinkling, disco shaped love we have for Cerrone’s Supernature, the Sunday Sundae roof raiser that is Riva Star’s Paradise Garage Remix of Dennis Ferrer’s Hey Hey or Hifi Sean’s Brighton Pride goosebump inducing vocal dub of Mantronix’s 77 Strings, each have a very special place in our heart.

Thanks to you. A glorious part of our family, our lives and our 25 years behind the decks. 25 years we couldn’t of done without all you promoters, fellow DJs, hostesses, performers and dancefloor wonders. Thanks for making it so. And here’s to the next, ahem, 25 years. 

Perfect Distraction: COEO’s Tonic Edits Vol.5

Nothing brings out the sunshine quicker than a right proper boogie tune. And nothing sizzles as fine as this scorcher from Toy Tonic‘s cutie COEO. Yep Tonic Edits Vol.5 has it all – from the swish latin fuelled horn heavy wonder that is Cabrio Mango, the get down wonder that is the blast from our funky past 1981 and the laidback jam that is She Keeps It Good. Forever in our bag, this will have you shaking yours till the sun goes down. And comes back up again.

COEO’s Tonic Edits Vol.5 on Toy Tonics is out now. Listen and order your vinyl copy here  Yes buy not steal. Remember kids, home taping is killing music.

Saluting Fox & Owl

Watching Fox Fisher & Owl being interviewed by Piers Morgan on GMB today and its sad to see same ignorant, bigoted and aggressive response to non-binary issues today as were shown 20+ years ago to the LGBT+ community. I shouldn’t be surprised. Morgan’s stigma inducing remarks about non-binary people is as offensive as his recent “man-up” comments about mental health. But there he was again. Fearmongering and peddling the lies that we’ve heard for decades as he hammered home the idea that non-binary people will spread like wildfire in our schools as he questioned whether the concept was “gobbledigook” and are just a “massive new fad” that needs controlling.

Where once it was my LGBT+ community facing hostility over the AIDS crisis or the Section 28 fuelled social panic back in the late 1980s, it is now non-binary people in the spotlight in the UK. And just as I was then inspired by LGBT+ activists who dared to raise their fabulous heads above the parapet, I was so impressed and heartened by the bravery shown by those that would challenge non-binary discrimination today. On (ironically considering we are supposedly one of the more enlightened countries on the planet, International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia Day) GMB saw Fox and Owl challenge the reality of Morgan’s bi-phobia asking “why is it that 48% of trans youth are attempting suicide? I think we need to look into that because this is a real thing.” A real thing we are continuing to address thanks to Fox and Owl. Long may they have the strength and heart continue.