50 tunes for 50 years: Chezere

One of my favoured jobs as a DJ is the warm up. A real, proper warm-up. Seducing an a gently filling club into joining me on the dancefloor. Beckoning, teasing, ensuring the heads nod, those fine arses wiggle. When I started playing in house clubs all those disco moons ago you had to start at the beginning, the warm up slot, to earn you vinyl stripes. You rarely saw a full dancefloor, you never got the epic hands in the air moment but you were part of the reason the DJ after you (and after you and you) got that honour. And it was and still is a buzz I’ll happily feast on.

Yeah a few thousand clubbers jumping together to the latest anthem has it own particular joys but delivering the foreplay with tunes like the mighty Chezere’s Where Does Your Mind Go (Roys Electrik Soul Mix) on Delable from 1998 (oh mama what a tune!) will always be, like warm woollen mittens, one of my favourite things.  Watching the party come to life, the meet and greets, the air kisses and the hugs, the anticipation in the air and those early door jokes with the bar staff will always be a beautiful product of DJ a lesson I was happy to learn. Which is good – because this almost 50 year old DJ still wants to keep on learning. After all what could be better than seducing you to come dance with me?  

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