Happy 10th Birthday Audio!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWithout it Brighton wouldn’t be, well, Brighton. Without it my clubbing history would be less grin filled, groove sorted and decent. Without it where would we put our giant disco ball? Without it my hangover curing chemist would be bust. And without it Brighton today wouldn’t be able to hold its clubbing head up quite so high. From the underground to the proud, from the terrace to the dark depths, Audio has kept me spinning to the right stuff for more years than I care to remember. Escaping into Audio, year after year after year. As the missus would put it, how fucking marvellous. Cheers to John, the glorious managers, staff, door darlings and each and every amazing promoter who’ve delivered the good stuff Brighton night after Brighton night.

Happy 10th Birthday Audio. Keep doing what you do best – putting a grin in Brighton’s soul.

Audio’s 10th Birthday party – Friday 12 September with Ame, Pablo Contraband, Schtumm, Earl J, Martyn Savage, Crazy P, Seamus Haji, Charles Green, Tom Frisco, Dominic Ashton, Paul Budd, A1 Bassline and Enzo Siffredi.  www.audiobrighton.com


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