A Disco Deviant moment with Jon Pleased Wimmin

Jon Pleased Wimmin. A flamboyant legend in heavenly heels who has become a seminal part of clubbing history. Jon Pleased Wimmin, a DJ with a daring side, whose eclectic sets are as stunning as the wardrobe he displays in the DJ box. Jon Pleased Wimmin, a DJ with a decent soul, happy to Promote Diversity this Friday at Audio. So when I caught up with Mr Pleased this week to discuss Disco Deviant, Putin, Sister Nigella Von Scrumptious and how he intends to blatantly promote homosexuality this Friday it was bound to get heavenly.

Hello Mister and how are we today? Hi there, I’m good thanks…just been for a swim and being designing some artwork for a forthcoming party that I’m putting on.

So you are going to be joining us at Brighton’s Disco Deviant on the 6th September. What are your memories of this most salty of cities? I played last year for Brighton Rocks which was amazing and a really great crowd. I love Brighton and have always had fun times there. I grew up in Croydon so we used to often jump the train.

From Kinky Gerlinky to The Church of High Kicks what have the past 30 years in clubland taught you? I spent my teenage years growing up in London’s nightclubs and studying fashion, so it’s really my spiritual home. I tend to prefer smaller clubs and parties these days where the music can be mixed up and not just a whole night of one style zzzz.

Your sets have been described as eclectic and eccentric. Name a selection of tunes from a typical Pleased gig that make them so? Some new, some old, some current but always bouncy. You can expect anything from Kylie & New Order to Vitalic & Plastikman.

Disco Deviant is part of the Promoting Diversity fundraising parties taking place across the globe in response to the anti-gay legislation in Russia. Why is playing a part so important to you? Being gay myself it’s truly horrifying what is going on in Russia (and other countries, we mustn’t forget). How the hell has Putin got away with it???

Of course (she says, trying not to draw attention to how old we all are!) you were part of the gay scene when Section 28 was on the British statue books. How did you respond to those dark days? To be honest most young gay guys were struggling to get their heads round the nightmare of AIDS and its implications, so I can’t really remember. In Britain it wasn’t left so open to interpretation as the Russian law, I don’ t think. That’s why theirs is dangerous.

What did you do today to blatantly promote homosexuality and no doubt annoy Mr Putin? The whole wording of these laws is bizarre, as nobody sets out to blatantly promote homosexuality, we just are homosexuals. In reality, they would rather we didn’t exist. It’s not that hard to envisage a gay holocaust type event happening over there, it’s just mind boggling.

What can we expect from your Disco Deviant set this Friday at Audio? A right old bloody knees-up!

And just how deviantly will you be behaving on September the 6th? Well I’m bringing my partner and my fabulous drag Sister Nigella Von Scrumptious, so you can expect and empty bar and police sirens!!

And finally if you had to spend the rest of your days holding one placard that described your good self what would it read? My phone number with a price list?? No,seriously, maybe ‘Swim carefully, trout crossing’?

Jon Pleased Wimmin will be joining Seamus Haji, Hifi Sean, Pablo Contraband, Kate Wildblood, Queen Josephine and host Karol Michalec at Disco Deviant Promoting Diversity No Crime No Punishment this Friday at Audio, 10 Marine Parade, Brighton. 10.30pm-3.30am.

£7 Adv tickets at Resident Records, 28 Kensington Gardens, Brighton or online Resident Advisor. £10 on the door