Saturday Saturday…I can’t wait till T.Party Saturday


This, erm, Saturday one of my fav Brighton club nights gets to party in the sunshine as they bring us their opening T.Party at Above Audio Brighton. Not only do they have Lower East Records‘ head boy Cozzy D headlining and the ever handsome buggers that are Marlon Mahroyan,  Lee Garrett, Jody Van Jefford, James Wilkinson and Ollie Sturdy bringing up the rear (decks), they are also delivering all to you, the punter, free. Yep party on one Brighton’s favourite terraces this Saturday afternoon to some of the finest music around. All we need now is a heatwave. Oh hang on a minute, isn’t there the small matter of this being predicted in Brighton tomorrow?

Screen shot 2013-07-12 at 17.01.42See you on the seafront!

To grab yourself free entry go to Moody Disco’s Facebook event and write your name on the wall. It is that perfectly simple. And while you do that indulge yourself in a little Lee Garrett action on Mixcloud. That’s Saturday sorted.

Screen shot 2013-07-12 at 17.06.50



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