Perfect Distractions: Finnebassen ‘Show Me How’ Underground Audio

Some tunes need us to feel some love. And so it is with Finnebassen’s Show Me How. Its like the first sighting of daffs in Spring, that cheeky grin heading your way from a lover across a 4am dancefloor, a reason you like it deep and glorious. Yep its deep glory house that is certain to swell that most favoured of organs, your heart. I adore it. Its keeping me sane as I head towards my dissertation deadline and it comes in the perfect package that is Underground Fables Vol.1 on Underground Audio. So you’d best book your escape into one of 2013’s better lessons in deep and tech house. Underground Audio are showing you how to let go, I suggest you do so.

Various Artists Underground Fables Vol.1 Underground Audio
Release Date: Vinyl – 4th March 2013 Digital – 25th March 2013
1: Finnebassen feat. Natalie Conway – Show Me How
2: H2 feat Yemi Bolatiwa – Deeper Touch
3: JOBE – Something About Disco
4: Rob Made – Made You Love Me
5: Dale Howard – Questions
6: Toky – Acid Skin
7: Softcash – Fascinated
8: Jorge Takei – Something Essential


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