Wildblood + Queenie’s Home Service on Sauce FM

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Welcome to Wildblood and Queenie’s Home Service. Yes Brighton is getting a shiny new radio station and Her Majesty Queen Josephine and I will be partaking, providing listeners with a much needed homo public broadcast service. Launching on Faburary the 8th Sauce FM will be providing you with the finest in aural pleasures with guest DJ mixes and radio shows. And we’ll be onbaord delivering a guest mix each month until June 2013 when we go live with a radio show of our very own. Oo er. Expect Wildblood and Queenie assured tunage of the house and disco littered kind, upfront exclusives, classic wonders, old lady news (well it is QJ’s Golden Jubilee!), special guests, homo-fuelled jingles and plenty of marvellous regalness. Like we do.

Get tuned into Sauce FM. Nothing will be quite so salty, saucy and sorted as their airwaves.