I feel love


There’s been beauty in these last twelve months. There’s been pride as the loved ones grow up and keep on impressing. There’s been drama as the missus left half an ear on a seafront terrace and there’s been more water in our house than is ever healthy. There’s been deadlines and word counts and brain fog and frustration. There’s been fuck ups and tears and black dogs. There’s been the loss of disco queens we miss till this day and there’s been a Mo-ment we’ll not replaced. We’ve jack-ed, we’ve been Forde-d, we found wonders and we’ve lost it. We’ve celebrated the golden and endured the holiday from hell. We’ve stayed up way too late and we’ve partied with the finest. We’ve ranted and raged about the dickheads in Westminster and we’ve wondered if our beloved teams can ever win anything again. We’ve danced and we’ve played. We’ve giggled and we’ve wiggled, we’ve struggled and we’ve snuggled and we’ve always felt blessed. Cos we’ve always felt love.

So to every soul who stood by my side, who danced and pranced, who helped and supported, who delivered and delighted I say thank you. Its been a glorious, glorious 2012 – made complete by the friends and family around me and the wonderful, wonderful woman by my side. My sweet, funny, little thing. Thank you and Happy New Year my dears. Here’s to an equally fabulous – and hopefully less damp – 2013.