Perfect Distractions: Wildblood + Queenie’s Longplayers of 2012!

So many tunes. So few months. Okay 12 but hell a girl’s allowed to moan. Not that the frown has stayed on my face much this year, soundtracked as it has been by these beauties. So here they are. The longplayers of 2012. As chosen by the missus and me. It’s been a good year to get a groove on.

1. Mario Basanov Journey Needwant
If that opening track doesn’t hook you we’d advise you check your pulse.

2. The 2 Bears Be Strong Southern Fried Records
The grrr was insistence this year and those 2 Bears made it essential.

3. V/A Classic Through The Eyes of Severino The Classic Music Company
Speaking of grrr, this Severino sound venture had us right fired up.

4. V/A DJ Sneak Fabric 62 Fabric Records
Jack def had a groove on this year and we loved it when Sneak got it bad.

5. V/A Watergate 11 Solomun Watergate
Don’t mess with this genius; just embrace the funk fuelled grooves.

6. The xx Coexist Young Turks
Horizontal dubstep meets steel pans meets teen angst. What’s not to love?

7. Jamie Jones Tracks From The Crypt Crosstown Rebels
Handsome doesn’t come close to describing this man and his beats.

8. V/A We Love… Detroit Derrick May & Jimmy Edgar We Love Recordings
All the techno head a girl (or boy) could wish for.

9. Miguel Campbell Back In Flight School Hot Creations
Puts a grin on your face from start to finish. Just how we like it.

10. Les Loup Club Cœur So Sound Recordings
Us disco kids like our disco Loup like. End of.