Something Schtumm! this way comes

This Friday it will all go very, very Schtumm! as the filthy boys Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe that are PBR Streetgang and the glorious Artificial Colours steam into town for a night of heavy bass, glorious grooves and a night of must do partying. Add the man that can Neal Schtumm! and you have a night the like of which you have to savour. Clubbing that blows the socks off its neighbours, puts a smile on your face with its friendly attitude and up for it crowd and is guaranteed to start your weekend more than alright. See you at the front.

Schtumm! presents PBR Streetgang, Artifical Colours & Neal Schtumm! Friday 16th November – Audio, 10 Marine Parade, Brighton – £7/10 – 11pm-4am More info on Facebook