Radio Joooooooooooo (and Kate!): Radio Reverb’s Out In Brighton

This Saturday at 11am (yes we know its way too early) catch Her Majesty and me babble on about the tunes we love, the parties we adore, women DJs (I meant Laura, not Lara) and the forthcoming Wild Fruit Red Party at The Honeyclub with the ever glorious DSD and Go Bang! Add the odd giggle, three of our fav tunes including a guilty pleasure that every will homo up your Saturday morning and you have us. On the Radio. With Kathy Caton. On Radio Reverb. Out In Brighton. Like you do.

Listen this Saturday 11am-12pm or grab the repeat Tuesday 1pm and Thursday 4pm on Radio Reverb 97.2fm (Brighton & Hove) or stream Check out and Facebook