Perfect Distractions: Ce Ce Peniston ‘Finally’ (Mikalis 2012 Unofficial Mix)

There will be a tune for everyone this Brighton Pride. That song you’ll return to over and over once the world stops spinning and normality returns. The tune that will encompass the highs, the giggles, the sweat, the cuddle, the grins. And it’ll be different for each and everyone of us (no matter how loud Wayne plays that Madonna bootleg). But I am certain of one thing. This little beauty will be up there for a lot of us as the tune of Brighton Pride 2012. Crafted with some style and avoiding the bleeding obvious, Mikalis has delivered a bootie of beauty, layered with just enough Ce Ce to keep us purists happy and enough bumpf to test any neighbours patience come 7am.

Add a breakdown of substance, his determination to ensure the piano stays central to this fine venture in bootleg behaviour and you have a slice of Brighton Pride you’ll wanna keep. Its everything I love about Mikalis (understated, too often underrated but always there with the goods and the love when you need it) and everything I love about Brighton Pride (grins, love and celebration). Finally somebody has done the right thing by Ce Ce. Thank you Mikalis x