How did you Feel Love? A Donna Summer question

Here’s the disco rub. I need to know what Donna Summer’s I Feel Love symbolises to you. Why is it important to you? When did you first hear it and how did you react? What does it represent? Is a gay thing? A coming out thing? Or is it just one of those universal moments in music that means something to everyone? Does it only connect to a certain generation or has its influence grown through the decades? Is it all about the disco or is there something more to be said?

Feel free to share the love, your stories and your experiences. Wax lyrical for as long or a little as you wish. Your responses will form part of my latest university essay about residual media and the social and cultural reasons why we connect to vinyl, music and disco the way we do.

Thanks in advnce for your contributions. As always they are very much appreciated.

All responses will be confidential and will be only quoted in one essay, which will be seen by myself, my tutor and possibly an external adjudicator. For further information please email