Queenie’s disco damaged ear – a Wildblood thank you x

F*** me. There I was thinking I’d stay at home and have a quite weekend with my books. But then disco damage rears its ugly head and its get nasty for my sweet sweet missus. After an afternoon and early evening caring for one of her young people, doing what so many carers do and not putting herself first, Queen Jo goes Djing at DSD. She hadn’t eaten enough and, bang, her blood pressure drops like a stone and so does she. All she remembers playing her set, the lovely King K taking over and sitting on the terrace talking to someone nice. One of the DSD crew saw her just collapse onto the floor. She falls, cracking her head, banging her shoulder and, I hate this bit, ripping most of her upper ear off.

And then we are within the realm of supportive loved ones and the kindness of strangers. Thank you to each and everyone who looked out for my girl this weekend. AJ who watched over Jo and kept me informed whilst I rushed to A&E to be with her, the lovely boys and girls at DSD and OhSo, the amazing Lucy who accompanied Jo in the ambulance, the numerous NHS staff in A&E whose actions saved Jo’s ear, the ambulance and the Max Fac ward, the cabbie who reassured a frighten me, the nurse who saved Jo’s ear, the camp anesthetists, the angels on the ward, the fellow patients who assured Jo it would be okay and kept us sane and Jo comforted, the surgeon who rebuilt her (she is my Million Dollar Queen), Jo’s extra special nurse Amy, that ever so special first cup-a-soup, the truly amazing Clare and Pete who looked after me and ferried us around in the most stylish car-cum-ambulance I’ve ever been in, the City team that destroyed the boredom of those last few hospital hours with some amazing footie and finally the endless sweethearts who messaged and texted and phoned and kept a grin on Jo’s face and helped me cope with the disco damage drama.

Yes its a cliche but its weekends like these that make you appreciate what you have. The NHS. A precious, under resourced institution filled with the most dedicated people this country has. Our friends and family who stand by us no matter what we drama we add to their lives. And my missus, my most treasured girl. Thankfully home and safe and demanding chicken soup. Just as it should be.