Sorry Daff but I’ve fallen for Magnolia

Bugger. I’ve been unfaithful. To daff. My daffodil. The love I feel for the golden one has been usurped by another. Another who is a right classic, a spectacular, a lady for one season who dazzled me in the Spring sunshine. Oh magnolia for you are stunner. Seriously I said wow out loud for all to hear today as I walked across her in Nyman’s Gardens. There is something so intoxicating about her, the divine design, those furry catkins, those bare branches decorated with floral fireworks that I defy you not to admire.

And yes she’s out of my league. Her pretty roots all middle class England and National Trust dug in. But I shall not waver, I shall succumb until the daffodils reign my affections in and I fall for the yellow once more. But until then I have that scent, that sense of wonder and memories of wow.

Magnolia. You seasonal tart you.

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