Reasons to love Madonna No. 586230037020824: Super Bowl 2012

Never has a game of football seemed so long. Never has my Facebook chat been so camp or so fabulous. Last night I joined a mass of British gay men staying up way past their bedtime just so we could say we saw it live. And wow was it worth it. I may have had enough time to have knitted Gaultier’s cone Madonna bra whilst waiting but once my queen of pop arrived wowed wide eyes replaced tired ones.

If I was Gaga the only thing I’d of approved of was Madonna disappearing in a puff of smoke. Madonna is the one. You are all pretenders to her crown. Okay even this devotee appreciates the new single is a slice of dodgy pop but all is forgiven when she delivers like she did last night. To reinvent Vogue again was enough for me. Linking the most famous masthead in the world to one of the greatest pop songs was inspired stuff and boy did it look and sound good. The clash of the swords delivered the same killer effect as the Vogue fans did at the 1990 MTV Awards as she sauntered with style through an anthem certain pop princesses would kill for.

Never write off our pop Queen. For one thing Wayne would never forgive you. Secondly she is, through her determined ambition, attention to detail and ability to capture the zeitgeist, simply untouchable. Icon, innovator and in my heart. Always.