Perfect Distractions: Berenice Abbott

Berenice Abbott at work, 1938. (Commerce Graphics Ltd)

Todays not been the brightest of days. January reality check and all that. But then when you realise your perfect distraction is actually your work, well, everything is dandy with the world again. This term I’ve been working on documentary photography of the 1930s and a lass called Berenice Abbott has me in her focused spell. Recording a change, the race to modernity, no matter the human cost, her photographs of New York are entirely delicious. There’s so much to see, so much to feel and so much (thankfully) to write about. And the gossip helps.

I’ve gotta find another 1500 words this week but with the images I keep discovering I can see the distractions continuing long past my deadline. Ms Abbott I salute you. Bobble hat and all.

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