A year much appreciated

So here we go. The countdown begins. Another year over, another list to compile, another set of wanna do’s and hopefully’s to guide me in to 2012. As for making them stick I’ve not a cat’s chance in Elle…

But then why try to improve on what has been a vintage year? The tunes have been outstanding, the weather interesting, the struggles similar but, heck the friends have been good, the friends have been real good. Sundae proud on the terrace, afters at the lovelies, dancing with the missus to Mr Jones, wobbling on ladders and eating far too many cakes. Its been a year of embracing the dress up and falling for Lol (again), of Welsh gayness and Matilda magic. Of life through my newest lens and words on paper that kinda make sense. A year with the oddest of diagnosis (fibro what?) and the kindest of sweetpeas. Of gigs that made me giggle and books that made my eyes ache, each with a surprisingly addictive groove.

I’ve been a Rebel and a Sundae with a Fruit on top whilst Queenie charmed the beachside DSD dears and us Disco Deviants couldn’t get enough. A year of Melodica Monday’s and happy (kinda) Tuesdays. Indeed its been a vintage year.

And as for those resolutions? There’s only one. To concentrate. On the job at hand, on the wonders before me, the love beside me. I have this habit see, of signing off “much appreciated”. And I need to do that more. Appreciate. What I have, what I’ve lost and what there is to come. And if I concentrate hard enough I might just do it. Here’s to a year I’ve truly appreciated. And here’s to the next one. May it be fuelled by my appreciative soul. Like I should.