It’s time to GetUp! and fight for equal rights

Not since Christian the Lion (cheers Wayne) has a video got to me like this one. Often I end up ‘discussing’ the need for Pride, for equality, for acceptance with my father. Pray for the sinner and all that. And he just doesn’t get it. And I guess he never will. Hence his absence at my favourite day when that fine sweet queen of mine promised me life long commitment at our civil partnership ceremony one windy day in March. He just couldn’t bring himself to be there. It wasn’t right. Equal rights wasn’t right. Apparently.

So when this video ‘Its Time’ popped into my inbox I had to applaude the genius behind it. GetUp!, an Australian campaigning organization, have hit the button. It may not shift certain hearts and minds but those glances full of love the star of the video gives his boyfriend have left me determined, yet again, that we should be equal. Wherever we live, whatever we do, whoever we wish to marry. It is about time and we should continue to lobby every politician in our respective countries until they ensure that every government gives every person equal rights. Check out the link below to support GetUp! in their fight to attain equal rights in Australia. There is no excuse. Love is not an unequal game.

After you watch, sign this letter to Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, asking her to push marriage equality onto the platform at her party’s national conference THIS WEEK.

Sign here GetUp! petition here