Desert Island Disco: Thomas Gandey

You know the drill. The DJ on a desert island. Nothing to do but play the tunes that made them the DJ that they are today (and enjoy the scenery). This month it’s the turn of Wild Fruit Red Party 2011 special guest Thomas Gandey. Talented, handsome and a genuinely lovely guy in love with playing tunes for a living. Here’s to him landing on our island very soon.

1. K.I.D ‘Don’t Stop’ Ariola Records
You all know the chorus, “Don’t stop, don’t stop the music”. An amazing Georgio Moroder style arpeggio hook that runs and runs. I love playing this record out, super production and a great year for disco 1981, proper Paradise Garage tune.
2. Two Door Cinema Club ‘Something Good Can Work’ (The Twelves Remix) Kitsune Records
I drop this when all is good in the house; its indie dance and I’ve always had a penchant outside of straight up house. One of the best feelgood choruses and guitar riffs ever without being cheesy, I don’t know why this tune wasn’t bigger.
3. Sister Sledge ‘Thinking Of You’ Arista Records
I like to loop the “now I’m living in ecstasy” line. Sister Sledge, the Pointer Sisters, they are the ultimate disco queens! I speed it up a bit so it works on the dancefloor, possibly one of the greatest songs of all time.
4. A Guy Called Gerald ‘Pacific Samba’ EMI
Here’s a tune that I would take to any desert island, all of the classic Guy Called Gerald tracks are magnificent, everyone knows Voodoo Ray but this is a different league. A pioneer of techno and one of the most inspirational journey tracks for me. Great salsa beats too.
5. Tiefshwarz ‘Red Dress’ Souvenir Sounds
I’ve been very fortunate to get to know Ali and Basti Shwarz quite well through playing with them in Ibiza for many years. This is one of their first and best tunes before they went too deep, hooky and solid with great chords, a sure fire tune for my classics party.
6. Mr Oizo ‘Cut Dick’ Ed Banger Records
I could have picked from a plethora of Oizo tracks including Two Takes It , because the guy is inimitable and a genius. I love the cheesy sax in this tune and the chopped up groove beats lead a revolution in French vibes. One of the greatest dance tracks of all time from a production master.
7. Kano ‘Its War’ Emergency Records
Kano, disco legend! this track has been re-edited and remixed more than any other track I know but I love the original best of all (as always). It reminds me of a thunderstorm it’s so sonically dynamic.
8. Soulwax ‘NY Excuse’ (Nite Version) Sony
Soulwax the band were amazing and along with LCD Soundsystem made up my two favourite bands. This tune pops it heads up in many forms too, but something about the Nite Version on vinyl was very special, from the geometric psychedelic cover into the tune, the bass line hook is a goosebump raiser.
9. Kajagoogoo ‘Too Shy’ (Midnight Mix) EMI
Limahl did a dub mix of this pop song, its truly Balearic with just a sprinkle of his vocals so you can sing-along. It sounds great at an after party and is one of my favourite guilty pleasures.
10. Cagedbaby ‘16 Lovers’ ‘Southern Fried
Finally, I had to throw in one of my own tunes, this was my first release when I was Cagedbaby. Sleazy, glam electro for the electro clash kids, T-Rex meets Fischerspooner. I loved performing this song on tour.

Catch Thomas playing a very special set at this year’s Wild Fruit Red Party Circus of the Absurd.

Thomas Gandey 60 Min Mix Free Download