Desert Island Disco: Grant Knowles

Just what makes your DJ tick? What tunes did those headphone-wearing lovelies listen to way back when? Here at GScene we thought it was time to find out. Hence the desert island. No palm trees, just decent tunes. This month it’s the turn of the ever so talented Grant Knowles.

1. Josh The Funky 1 ‘Universal Sound’ Funktion Recordings This one made it big for me at Brighton Pride 2005. Ian Carey produces yet another stonker. This one really put him on the map.

2. The Star Alliance Ft. Shelia Ferguson ‘He’s a Runner’ Sporting Riff Raff This tune will live with me forever during my days at Revenge. This girl has great vocals.

3.Ron Gelfer Ft. Tiger Lily ‘ Your Beat Sounds Like’ (Disco Lips Remix) Hed Kandi Now we’re talking, its like East meets West. With chord progressions through and through for that Saturday night feeling.

4.Alesha Dixon ‘ The Boy Does Nothing’ (Bimbo Jones Remix) Quite possibly one of my favourite contemporary pop songs of all time. Go girl!

5.Mike Candy and Jack Holiday ‘ Insomnia’ (Chris Crime Infinity Remix) An all time favourite this tune goes everywhere with me.

6.Simon From Deep Divas vs. Corona ‘The Rhythm of The Night’ (Simon Sweat Mix) DWA Records My favourite 90’s tune! Reworked and dirty and still gets those hands in the air. Fab!

7. E-Squine ‘Sax‘ (Club Mix) 3Beat I love my sax and its shown at it’s best here.

8.Kitten and the Hip ‘Don’t You Worry ‘ (Club Mix) Hed Kandi My favourite label producing another magical moment of music from the weekends of Ibiza.

9.DJ Slider and Anton Liss Feat. Soozy Q ‘Mr Devil’ (Club Mix) Hed Kandi I was blessed with the pleasure of working with Soozy Q in my time of producing. Crystal clear vocals from this girl!

10. Osaro ‘Shut Up and Dance’ Twilight Crocodile Record Local singer and songwriter Osaro reached No 1 in the Brighton Dance Charts with this one. Just light and airy as this track bounces along. Download it and see if you can spot my vocals!

Catch Grant at Retrosexual at Basement Club Legends, Thursday and Sunday at The Bulldog, Saturdays Fierce at Charles Street in Brighton and Funked Fridays at Hampshire Boulevard, Portsmouth.