I’m a lucky bugger

The world is going to hell in a handcart, good souls are leaving this world way before they needed to, its cold outside and we’re shopping far too often in Lidl than is cool to do so but I can’t help but feel I’m a lucky bugger.

And to what do I owe this random act of happiness? A certain lass who sings in my kitchen. Who luckily sometimes sings in a studio and who sometimes I get round to popping on Soundcloud. From the sweet downtempo adventures with Goloka to her self penned 20 year old wonder that is Xi-Xi’s Feels So Good. Her and her magic ladies spun a groove I found myself falling for, (that butt, those bongos) and thanx to those days and a determination to get it on record I’ll always have a certain tune that will spring a grin on my face faster than a goal against United, a daff poking through the earth in April or a button nosed Madge.

Like I said. I’m a lucky bugger.

Xi-Xi ‘Feels So Good’

Goloka ‘A Good Man’