Vinyl Variations: Guilty Pleasures and electronic wonders – Day 2

The recording continues amongst the oohs and ahhs as tunes I’ve loved too long fill a sunny day with moments of wonder. The end result of which will be a mix for Vintage by Hemingway and Charity Shop DJ’s Behind The Sofa. Today the randomness continues and the crackle, hiss and pop is divine. Queenie called the sound of vinyl crackling away reassuring. I’m not gonna argue. Here’s today’s transfer dealings.

In no particular order…

M ‘Pop Muzik’ MCA Recordings
A one hit wonder that haunts my house days with the endless samples.

Alessi ‘Oh, Lori’ A&M Records
Radio 2, Lene and Queenie have a lot to answer for. A true guilty pleasure that brings grins with the singalong.

Emerald Pleasure ‘Feel The Need’ Atlantic Records
Hands in the air aged 11? Hell yeah.

War ‘Low Rider’ Island
Me ma grooving in the kitchen, front door wide open, worries at bay.

The Jacksons ‘Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) Epic

A sampled wonder that ensured no matter what Mickey boy did later I’d always forgive him.

Supertramp ‘Dreamer’ A&M Records
No reason. Just love it.

Ian and the Blockheads ‘Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick’ Stiff Records
Exploding into Essex Ian ensured rude words before bedtime.

Happy Mondays ‘Step On’ (Louder Mix) Factory Records
Blew away 1990 and improved 2008 when a certain Duffie admitted to his Rowetta obsession come one early Rebel morning.

Tom Tom Club ‘Genius Of Love’ Island

Beating my drum since 1981.

Sugababes ‘Freak Like Me’ (We Don’t Give A Damn Mix) White
Anon promos like this made my journo days a joy.

Beach Boys ‘God Only Knows’ Capitol

One of the greatest love songs ever written, I can’t express how much the sweet harmonies of this wonder touch me. Endless joy.

Vikki Carr ‘It Must Be Him’ Capitol

My teenage soundsystem could never compete with my first flatmate’s Wharfdales and my gothic days were number. Camp and glorious.

Unknown ‘Milady, Your Figure! Keep Your Figure To Music’ Capitol
A step by step guide to the Fanny Roll. A US import via Shanghai to Scope, Brighton. Like you do.

George McCrae ‘It’s Been So Long’ JayBoy

Queenie wouldn’t be Queenie without McCrae.

Bronski Beat ‘Smalltown Boy’ London Recordings

TOTP was suddenly saying something about this smalltown girl. Thank you Mr Somerville.

Blondie ‘Heart Of Glass / Sunday Girl / Atomic’ Chrysalis

Just like Chrissy, Debbie had me daydreaming in class about a forbidden guitar playing arse kicking fruit.

John Barry ‘You Only Live Twice’ CBS
This man was the reason my addiction to the strung out has remained with me thoughout. He created a Bond I’ll never break.

Colourbox ‘Say You’ 4AD
On one side was Cocteau, on the other was this. The soaring beauty of each saw me through the angst ridden teenage nights.

The Doobie Brothers ‘What A Fool Believes’ Warner Brothers
Nothing brings sunshine to a day like the Doobies. Let the immense grin commence.

Luther Vandross ‘Stop To Love’ Epic

Pencil skirts and bobs, first crushes and girly stuff. Too much, too soon and too good.

To be continued…