Vinyl Variations: Guilty Pleasures and electronic wonders – Day 1

The next few days will see me attempt something I should of done months ago. Transferring my vinyl addiction to my harddrive. Like my initial playlist for Pride Sunday Sundae (which currently stands as 4 days and 7 hours long – oops!) there’s way more tunes than set time but heck, give a girl her pleasures.

So here’s today’s transfer market. The records in the guilty pleasures / random filing system that have no place in the house / disco / Babs / Madge / soul / funk / Motown / chill / electronica sections, that have no place but somehow fit perfectly in my life’s soundtrack. In my mind each worth more than some multi-million pound footie primadonna. Priceless variations that have got me through more than one season.

In no particular order;

Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass ‘Spanish Flea’ AM Records
A Fry Desert Island favourite this has haunted many a Stoked moment. Silly and wonderful.

Geoff Love’s Big Disco Sound Orchestra ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ Music For Pleasure
The record label says it all. Plus you can’t go wrong with a slice of space disco.

The Human League ‘Dare’ Virgin
The second gatefold I owned after Abba this is all about the 16year planning her escape from Essex. That and the groove of ‘Sound of the Crowd’- easily my fav 80s tune.

Wham ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go’ CBS
So sue me.

Tears For Fears ‘Mad World’ Phonogram
How I wanted that haircut. A true teenage bedroom wonder that soundtracked my less cool days.

Songhai ‘Jaribi’ Hannibal Records
Once I went to Womad, just once mind, and this mix of the blessed noise that is flamenco and the hi-jinxs of Afro guitar had me hooked.

The Style Council ‘Promised Land’ (Longer Version) Polydor
From the Jam loving tomboy to Style Council obsessed baby dyke. Suddenly embracing sexuality was okay. If Weller could do it….

The Smiths ‘I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish’ Rough Trade

Grasping the realities of the love that dare not speak its name, I started something I would never finish.

Scritti Politti ‘The Sweetest Girl’ Virgin

The queen’s anthem and one I find myself growing fonder of year on year on year.

Siouxie and the Banshees ‘Spellbound’ / ‘Happy House’ Polydor
Is there a dear born in the late 60s/70s who doesn’t have a Banshee tale to tell? We’re happy here…..

Roxy Music ‘Angel Eyes’ / ‘Virginia Plain’ Virgin
The band that made me eye up the dressing up box once more, no one pranced like Bryan did.

Queen ‘Killer Queen’ EMI

My dad’s best band, although he’ll deny it now, and a Queenie must-have we dive into on camp occasions. Long live Freddie.

Pulp ‘Do You Remember The First Time?’ Island
Nothing excited me more than seeing crowd of fellow jumble sale kids take our difference to the mainstream.

Pretenders ‘Brass In Pocket’ Sire Records

That bass, that lady, that tune. Alongside Debbie I swear this woman steered me towards a certain genders bedsheets.

Pet Shop Boys ‘West End Boys’ Parlophone

It’s all about the intro darlink.

Martha and the Muffins ‘Echo Beach’ Virgin
Sweet guitar shuffles and silly lyrics that put a spring in my mimsy teenage steps.

Van Morrison ‘Crazy Love’ WB

Still makes me cry to this day. End of.

The League Unlimited Orchestra ‘Love and Dancing’ Virgin

Long playing wonder that taught us the magic of melodic electronica and the beauty within.

To be continued……

Catch me and Queenie playing some of our guilty pleasures and inspirational electronic wonders at Charity Shop DJ ‘Down The Back Of The Sofa’ @ Vintage by Hemingway at London’s SouthBank on Friday 29th July.