Charity shop pleasure treasure – Motorcycle and scooter cardigan

I was about 13 when I realised the budget imposed jumble sale wardrobe I wore to school was actually okay. Something about the latest overcoat Mrs Wotsit had put by for me at the weekly St Johns Jumble struck a cord with some fellow Smiths fans and earned me some much needed unique freak points.

I’ve always had a soft spot for charity shop treasure ever since and although many today resemble an overpriced Primark, the odd gem still survives. Maybe it was Mary, maybe its Ebay but some have cottoned on to the vintage revival whilst keeping an eye on providing clothes for those unable to shop for the latest overpriced American sportwear / geek looking / logo heavy crap sold via overdesigned stores and patronising lifestyle speil.

And this weeks wonder – aside from a perfectly named baseball shirt and a bargain £4.99 suit for Vintage by Hemingway later this month? The joys that awaited us in the knitting section. Patterns of perfection that have weaved a spell on this needle clumsy lass who should of paid more attention to her Nan as she spelt out the skills of casting off. Shame she never measured my neck and wrists – I’ve lost count of the number of Xmas’s she’d head towards me, scissors in hand, as she tried to make the damn thing fit over my head. Shame the jumble never seem to sell tape measures.