Gscene Desert Island Disco July 2011 – DJ Alex Baker Gaydar Radio

What makes your DJ tick? What tunes did those headphone-wearing honeys listen to way back when? Here at Gscene we thought it was time to find out. Hence the island. No palm trees, just decent tunes. And this months disco darling? The very lovely Alex Baker.

Eurythmics ‘Sweet Dreams’ RCA
Annie Lennox’s tireless work for HIV/AIDS charities makes her a living legend and this is one of my favourite tracks featuring her voice. I remember my parents playing it in the car when I was just a kid. Pink’s use of the hook in a reworking of ‘Get The Party Started’ in 2001 and Steve Angello’s 2006 remix made sure it has never really escaped from my record box!

Faithless ‘Insomnia’ (Monster Mix) BMG
The festival season just won’t be the same now that Faithless have disbanded. Their much imitated second single still sounds as great today as it did in 1995 and it’s a track I enjoy hearing on out as much as I enjoy playing in a set.

Fatboy Slim ‘Praise You’ Skint
I loved electronic music long before I ever thought of learning to DJ. Fatboy Slim’s ‘You’ve Come A Long Way Baby’ was such a creative album and way ahead of its time. ‘Praise You’ was one of those songs that evoked summertime fun, even though it was released in the middle of winter.

Arman Van Helden ‘U Don’t Know Me’ Armed
One of the first ‘proper’ dance tracks I bought when I was at secondary school. I’ve still got the CD single kicking around somewhere and still love sneaking the track into a set today!

Richard X vs Liberty X ‘Being Nobody’ EMI
The unlikely collaboration between electronic producer Richard X and the act that lost out to Hear’Say in the final of ITV’s Popstars struck pop gold. What was essentially a Chaka Khan cover was produced with such creatively that it still sounds great today.

Shapeshifters ‘Lola’s Theme’ Positiva
Looking back, the buzz and excitement around this track was just enormous. I remember hearing it at a Wildfruit ‘red party’ in Brighton when it was just a bootleg. It was great to watch it grow into a massive commercial success, heading straight to the number one spot in the singles chart the following July, an impressive feat for a house track!

Lady Gaga ft. Colby O’Donis ‘Just Dance’ Interscope
The track that revolutionised the sound of pop music overnight and gave birth to a global superstar in the process. ‘Just Dance’ epitomises the style and attitude of my weekly ‘Kinky-Pop’ residency at Revenge’s Kinky Dangerous.

Kelis ‘Acapella’ Interscope
It’s weird to think that Kelis is thought of as a bit ‘alternative’ in the States. Never afraid to do something different, Acapella became one of our biggest anthems of 2010 within days of adding it to the playlist at GaydarRadio.

Alexis Jordan ‘Happiness’ RocNation
Reworking a Deadmau5 instrumental seems like an unlikely debut for an eighteen year old ‘America’s Got Talent’ reject from South Carolina. After reading the press release that accompanied the original promo copies of the track, I was convinced I would hate it. I’m happy to say I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Soundgirl Don’t Know Why Mercury
Three teenage girls, a video shot in Barbados and a Carly Simon sample, ‘Don’t Know Why’ is the prefect guilty pleasure for this summer and I can’t get enough of it! It’s great to see unadulterated pop alive and kicking in 2011.

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