Free Horse Meat Disco Mini Mix – Disco Deviant at Audio & pics

Pic by Sam Milford -

Pic by Sam Milford -

First up the tunes – here, now and just waiting for you on Soundcloud to brighten up your not so sunny day in June.

Horse Meat Disco III Mini-Mix

Now the words. Pop Disco Deviant on a flyer and the crowds are sure to follow thanks to their reputation for sweet beats and stellar guest DJs. Friday the 3rd of June was no different as Pablo Contraband let Horse Meat Disco loose on an up for it Audio crowd for a night of deep acid–tinged house and disco wonders. Supported in some style by the brilliant Go Bang DJ’s Ali and Affy (boy that boy can dance), HMD’s ever handsome Jim Stanton and Severino delighted Audio with grooves rare in Brighton, keeping it credible and classy till the early hours. A welcome reminder of the Brighton Gay Dance Weekend parties to come this August, Audio was as must-do as ever providing Brighton with a night I wish would come along more often. Here’s to the delight that is – long may she disco do.

Now the pictures from

Catch a further taste of HMD on the brilliant Horse Meat Disco III. Your summer won’t be the same without it believe me.