Wildblood and Queenies Summer Wonder Vol.1: The deep queer tech house one

There’s something beautiful about the simple grooves of tech house we can’t stay away from. Electronica of the sublime kind, it grabs you where it should do come 7am. Loops and bleeps and beats. Just how we like it.

After several weeks of clubbing on the other side of the tracks and enjoying the sublime beats of Maxxi Soundsystem’s Sam Watts, the delights of Go Bang!, the naughtiness of Horse Meat Disco and the surprise shuffle that was Thursday Night Fish Fry we thought it was time we dropped a mix of our left of central favourites. From the lazy lushness of Todd Terje to the haunting melody of Leodoris via the addictive acid house qualities of Jamie Trench and the jack that is Kimeko – a track called Roy Clarke? How Jack is that? – this is our first summer 2011 mix of the tracks our faithful bassbins are badgering the neighbours with.

Enjoy. Queenie & Wildblood x

Grab it here on Mixcloud – complete with tracklisting

Or here on Soundcloud


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