Blue Songs + bumped up bass = a happy disco face! Hercules and Love Affair Digital Brighton 10.03.11

I have a nasty habit of getting too excited by my birthday. Planning too big. Crashing too hard. And so this year we kept the eighth low key (too low key in Arsenal’s case, bu that’s another story) and saved my dancing feet till the tenth and a gig I’ve been getting a wee too excited about for months. Hercules and Love Affair didn’t disappoint. Rumours of shoulder lead cancellations proved wrong and after drink soundtracked to perfection by Sam from Maxxi Soundsystem at Audio we headed to Digital for a date with Andy and Co.

Digital didn’t disappoint. Usually a location for post Pride nights of Rebel sweat, I was keen to hear what Digital’s impressive wattage could deliver for a live band. I shouldn’t of worried. We hit up front the moment Hercules hit the stage and the intimate setting suited the Brighton gathered. Close enough to grin, loud enough to lose it, one step towards the stage and it felt the finest of art crowd indie kid gigs, two steps back and the sub-woofers kicked in for a druggy NY club kids affair.

As for the Affair? Well I was smitten. Andy Butler conducted proceedings with the look of lad subdued by the pain of his shoulder injury but happy in his special electronic groove whilst Mark Pistel provided the Herculean engine room, sunglasses and cool. The stars of the show had to be the three front sweethearts Kim Ann Foxman, Aera Negrot and Shaun Wright. Foxman kept us in check with her icy cool demeanour, radiating that naughty boy cheek us lasses can’t get enough of whilst Shaun Wright delivered vocals with a wiggle so cute Anthony may have wished he’d left the Johnsons to pursue his Hercules career. Negrot was as spell binding as ever, delivering a stage presence and vocal performance Grace Jones would kill for.

Every track from Blue Songs delivered sounded fresh and dead, dead smart with its disco and chicago roots shimmering through Butler’s electronica to create a sound (and a night) that will linger long in my groove filled memory. (Even the off key vocals from the Japanese art school kid behind me added to the evening charm).

Yes we were charmed for sure by Hercules presence in Brighton this week. They may have had to cancel the forthcoming dates of the UK tour due to illness but Mark assured us after the gig they are back in the UK for festival season. Make sure you partake in a little Love Affair this summer. Blue Song + bumped up bass = a happy disco face!