Succumbing to shutter speeds: London Street Photography at Museum of London

A woman walking through a street market selling bric-a-brac. Corry Bevington. 1960.

Yesterday I was wowed and sidestepped into a state of wonder at the Museum of London’s Street Photography exhibition. Sepia stunners sat alongside framed present wonders thanks to photographers including Valentine Blanchard, Wolf Suschitzky, Corry Bevington, Lutz Dille and Margaret Monck. 1880’s photographs taken on the back of a horse and carriage rubbed frames with the honesty of post WWII Leica driven portraits and digital panaroma’s. The exhibition supplied a wonderful way to chart the role technology has played in photography from the blur occupiers of slow shutter captured London scenes to the brutal close up of the 21st century, pigeons and all.

A connection with London street life that leaps out of the camera to truly capitivate this is an exhibition I will continue to recommend till its close in September. Make attendance your focus.

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Two children looking out of a window in Fieldgate Mansions, Whitechapel. Bob Tapper. 1986.