Department of Records – Maxxi Soundsystem ‘Criticize’ Kojak Giant Sounds

There’s tune I reach for after a session with a certain Coma cat. Maxxi Sound System’s Criticize is Sam Watts and Neal Lewis‘s charmed retake on the Alexander O’Neal 1987 classic. And boy is it good. The boys rocked Audio when they supported Tensnake earlier this month and this cheeky yet respectful remix is a sweet reminder that Brighton is ahead of the homegrown game.

I’ll often get a bee in my house bonnet about the lack of original tunes played by DJs. Do we really need another electrofucked breakdown take on Sweet Dreams or Pride (A Deeper Love)? I think not. The imagination seems so lacking and the original touch sadly absent in so many of today’s remixes. But this my friends, this is spot on. The build is subtle, the moves Maxxi Soundsystem make strictly electrofunk fuelled and the resulting tune takes the fucking roof off.

Basically I love it, love it, love it. So do yourself a favour, engage with Maxxi Soundsystem. These boys are going far – to the centre of your dancing soul and beyond.

Maxxi Soundsystem - "Criticize"
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