VHS, sunshine and coconut milk

‘I ain’t no for real cowboy, but I one hell of a stud.’ You know how it is. Films you should of seen, films you even thought you had seen, the clips and soundtracks so plentiful in your cultural psyche you can’t quite believe you haven’t indulged in the entire 110 minutes. I guess that’s the joy of skimming through the boxes as the charity shops, drowning in VHS, try to offload on the DVD Boxset obsessives. 3 videos for a quid, hell 15 videos for a quid, just take the things. And so we do, me and the missus, living half in the nighttime, watching VCR, as The xx would put it.

Last night was Dustin and Jon’s turn as we hit the X rated Oscar winner and delved into Midnight Cowboy. It’s as good as those clips in my head have always told me. And more. Oh for more. Oh for Dustin. Can you imagine an actor like him popping up now? Heath would have had a co-conspirator and he would have sure given Day Lewes a run for his method acting money.

Add that Waldo Salt soundtrack and you had one happy viewer. A viewer with a hankering for cowboy boots, psychedelic parties, a harmonica and plenty of sunshine and coconut milk.