Mr Tensnake I presume – Audio + Maxxi Soundsystem present Tensnake LIVE 04.02.11

Friday night and we put away frivolous things and concentrated on life’s finer stuff. Beats, beer and mates. Wrapped up in perfectly formed Audio Brighton style, Tensnake delivered one of the finer sets I’ve ever heard. Yes there was Coma Cat and yes there was disco but as the groove of one merged into the groove of another courtesy of a re-tweeked Audio soundsystem (Pige was right), the effect was one of electric space disco and funkctional house. Audio is a venue hard to beat. Maxxi Soundsystem were genius, warming up proceedings with a set of kingly proportions, putting the bass in all the right places as they teased and thrilled and teased and thrilled again.

Upstairs Pablo Contraband kept it disco, soul and funked perfect, as he always does, whilst the grin on the bar staff ensured the night delivered on all fronts. As for Mr Tensnake himself? Well his mix of concentration and lucky bugger smile had me from the off whilst his selection of tunes ensured his take on house had my total attention. Not a faux house moment or been-there-done-it-electro tune in sight, Tensnake provided a must dance soundtrack without a house cliche to be heard. He simply knocked spots of the Now That’s What I Call Dance Music Vol 39762071 pap the high street believes makes our weekend. I knew none of the tunes yet I loved them all. Now That’s What I Call A DJ. (And it turns out a very nice DJ at that, a Hamburg man happy to sell the joys of Berlin to me and the missus over a beer!)

So I guess you may have guessed I loved Tensnake at Audio. It delivered. A night to remember and another reason to believe its not all about the lowest common denominator. Long may the charmed life continue.