Li(m)p Service

So I succumbed to the controversy and checked out BBC3’s Lip Service. 60 minutes later and wish I hadn’t bother. Autumnwatch provided more drama and tension. If I was hoping for some stiff I really didn’t think it would come from the acting rather than the action. The lead lass (sorry I’m so not bothered I haven’t check out her name) was the perfect lesbian till she spoke or, heaven forbid, tried to act. Like a bottle of chili free Tabasco the promise of heat was frozen by her poor grasp of the craft.

The producers of Lip Service seem to be under the impression that the louder the sex the more distracted we’ll be from vitals such a plot and characters. I didn’t care about them or for them. I’m not bother who they get to screw loudly next. If volumes your thing stay at home and listen to the neighbours.

I know what it’s like to need some of your own on screen. I sat through Desert Hearts in 1985 for fuck sakes, but this is a real let down and it doesn’t feel like a generation thing. Queer As Folk was sexier, funnier and, although totally the wrong gender, did more for me than this limp service BBC3 provided. Ah yes BBC3! Maybe that should have warned me what to expect but with brilliance of Him & Her and the cheek of Mongrels I thought maybe, just maybe, this channel could deliver again. I was wrong. Lip Service felt dated and clunky. No punch and, for all the leg overs, no pull. The TV critics say it gets better and for me Heather Pearce- our local firefighting hero turned cop – has been the only light in this lesbian disservice.

Okay maybe we’re expecting to much – how did the teens take to Skins? – but maybe they should go back to the architect board and rebuild plot up for series two. May I suggest they check out the sound foundations laid by the likes of Rose Troche’s Go Fish and generate some real action. Either that or buy us all a Queer As Folk boxset.