Department of Records 14.10.10

The promos that have been making me grin – and pissing off the neighbours.

1. The Layabouts ‘Perfectly’ (The Layabouts Vocal Mix) Reel People Music

A simply amazing tune, this will pull at every string you have.
2. Nicc Johnson & Beatmaster G ‘The Boogie’ The Flavor Saver EP Vol. 5 Salted Music
Jackin’ mother funker that insists, no demands, you “get down and boogie!”
3. Mark Reeve ‘Two Shots of Manilow’ (Original Mix) Seamless Recordings
Progressive wonder that delves deep and bassy till you drop.
4. Belezamusica ‘All This Love That I’m Givin’ (Sean McCabe Love Groove Vocal) Soul Love
Sound rework that ignites every fire a soulful house head could wish for.
5. Den Ishu & Superlounge ‘Neo 9’ (Phonique Remix) Soulfooled
Love, love, love this rumbling progressive number. Body swaying? Body slaying? Who cares? It works.
6. Nick Tcherniak & Steve Thomas ‘Deep Water’ (Hifi Sean Psychedelic House Dub) Sorry Shoes
Hifi Sean and the boys deliver with this Latin fuelled number. Impressive, very impressive.
7. DJ Roland Clark ‘You Lie’ (RC Brown Eyed Buddhist Remix) Global Records
Big room wonder that requires you shake that arse.
8. Chris Coco & Captain Bliss Harmonica Track (Sergio Fernandez Remix) Toolroom
Huge tune that keeps it soul intact whilst demolishing the knowing dancefloors.
9. Pirupa ‘House Feeling’ Snatch!
Bass. House. Bass. House. Bass. House. House. Music. Repeat. Over and over.
10. Paul James ‘You Are’ The Flavor Saver EP Vol. 5 Salted Music.
Feel for this like the romantic fool I can be. Bass and love. There’s a theme going on here.
11. Orange Muse feat. Ania ‘Psychedelic Behaviour’ (Quentin Harris & Honey Dijon Remix) Colourful Recordings.
This just better with every listen. An epic slice of house with real heart.
12. Felix Leiter ‘Go For That’ CR2 Records
What can you say? Yes it’s Hall and Oates and no there’s not a Simply Red in sight. Genius
13. Viana & Miguel Garji ‘The Black Mountain’ (Soul Minority Mix) Seamless Recordings
Heartfelt house with a bass line as addictive as the sax is soaring.
14. Peter Presta ‘C Cup (For Club)’ (Original Mix) Apple Jaxx Recordings.
Disco bitch get down. And words to that effect.
15. Lisa Shaw ‘Free’ (Deep Phreeze Phunk) Salted Music
A slice of soulful that’s so luxurious you’ll keep coming back for more.
16. DJ Roland Clark ‘Tambor Love’ (Mafoombay Mix) Global Records
New skool meets old skool to teach us all a lesson in proper house. Love it.
17.Sean Biddle ‘Neutron’ (Original Mix) Droppin’ Science EP Nocturnal Recordings
The boys on fire – what else can u say?
18. ‘Move That Thang!’ (Original Mix) Nocturnal Recordings
Shut my eyes and I can almost touch those 3am Fruity gogo boys.
19. DJ EQ ‘Timex’ (Joey Chicago ‘Fresh’ Remix) Bid Musik
More bounce than a warehouse of kitchen roll. A real crowd pleaser.
20. Spiritchaser ‘These Tears’ (EST8 Piano Mix) Guess
I don’t do euphoric (esp. that trance nonsense) but this sneaks in with its melodic piano and lady vocs.