Department of Records 12.10.10

It’s been a odd few weeks soundtrack wise as my brain tries to digest words of industry, calico, chinaware, semiotics and cowboys. (Gay of course.) My soul finds it hard to concentrate on the written as the lyrical spins through the speakers. I’m dancing at my desk.

Kitsuné Maison 10 The Fireworks Issue is doing the distraction job nicely although the mix of French and English means the singalong is limited – or laughable. Loving the Flight Facilities ‘Crave You’ and The Twelves Remix of Black Strobes ‘Me and Madonna‘.

On the house front it’s all about the Defected ‘ITH Toyko 11 Rae‘ promo on my Soundcloud – keeping me wowing at the wonder as it effortlessly begins with a three track intro of Ceballos & DJ Chus’ ‘Afrika’ (Coyu 10 Years Later Remix), Kings Of Tomorrow featuring Rae ‘Can’t Stop’ (Accapella) and Tensnake’s ‘Coma Cat’ (Round Table Knights Remix). All combining to keep me a happy Wildblood.

As does Ernesto Ferreyra’s debut album ‘El Paraiso De Las Tortugas’ on Cadenza. The kinda intergalatic spacey sound that ensures the lift off is pure disco twiddle heaven. Oh Ernesto, you keep my volume knob turning up and up and up.

And as for Duck Sauce? Still can’t get enough. Disappointed at the loss of the “Oh God’s” but hey, hey you can’t have it all. And as for certain Radio 1 DJ’s claiming they discovered it? Bugger off overpaid fat/vain boys. It was LoHands. She did it. She said. Add my obsession for a certain kinda Babs and well nowt will stop me loving this tune! Esp not the video – you seen the hotness at the end? Sit On My Bass ladies.

Back to the books. Back to feet on the cultured ground.