The I in Ibiza

So that was Ibiza. Six days and nights on the white isle. Fleeced but grinning Ibiza got us where we wanted it to. The sunshine, the sand, the sea. It’s still all there for me and from the moment your Havana’d foot hits the Balearic street you feel it’s lazy beat. There is something about sunshine and the missus that ensures this Wildblood grins. Blue sea and sandy beaches, stroppy waiters, playing Russian roulette with the pimento tapas, dancing on the sand, snorkeling with the fish, avoiding the jelly. The kiss of waves on the shore, the random menus, the local characters, the hike to the Dalt Villa, the continuous need for Cafe Con Leche. Fish in the sea so soon on Queenie’s plate and the salt on your lips after a day on the beach. Oh and chasing the sunset as the road to San An gets crowded and the clouds threaten to ruin your only well kept Ibiza plan.

But boy does it cost ya.

Ibiza appears to be selling it’s soul to the upmarket money-ed soul whose yachts line the port and whose wallets ensure the ticket price continues to rise. It ain’t nothing to do with the strength of the Euro against our shrinking sterling but the price tag the authorities are putting on a decent night out. But why the rules and regulations, the killing of the free parties and the attention to expensive detail when San An still offers the bad rep Brits jugs for one Euro and illegal thrills for the price of a taxi ride? In splitting the island between the haves and the have-it’s, Ibiza is pricing out the middle ground – the decent clubbers and bally-eric souls who truly appreciate the soul of the island. The Ibiza I fell in love with was regulation easy. The new broom has swept to hard and if the powers that be aren’t careful they’ll brush away the appreciative souls. F**k me I’m paying 75 Euros for Guetta. Oh and 29 Euro’s for 2 vodka and coke. I don’t think so.

As for an answer I don’t know. To be honest I’m almost to chilled to type. And that I guess is the answer. Ibiza is some many things to so many people. You’ll find it when you get there. And if you care to cane the credit card you can cane the island. If not find yourself a beach. Sa Calaeta, Beniras, Talamanca, Cala Comte and soak it up. Eivissa sunshine is free.