Wildblood + Queenie’s July Home Service

What you get when you pop two of Brighton’s most buxom  DJs, a bag full of house and disco tunes, indents from the finest Brighton Pride DJs, Queenie’s Pride Weather Forecast and a thing called L.O.V.E. into RadioReverb‘s studio? Yes Home Service is back this July and its all about the L.O.V.E. as we get prepped for the UK’s biggest and best Pride event with sound selections bound to get you ready for our favourite weekend of the year. Home Service gets the Pride treatment. Happy rainbow disco days. Oh and just to warn you – Wildblood & Queenie’s Home Service may contain camp banter.

Grab Pride tickets and info at brighton-pride.org Wildblood & Queenie’s Home Service is broadcast on RadioReverb 2nd Sunday of every month at 17:00GMT 97.2FM DAB and online at radioreverb.com 


Wildblood & Queenie’s July Wonders

This July it’s all about the sunshine grooves (they say with fingers crossed) as we lose ourselves in some of the best beats around. Head to Cape’s My Own Jungle on Savor Music if you want you beats dubby and house fuelled, indulge yourself in the 3 part wonder that is Deepalma Ibiza 2016 on Déepalma Records for some perfect Pool Party, Beach and Afterparty delights or if borderless house, hip hop and soul is your thing then the masterful adventure of Marlow’s In the Backroom on Sonar Kollektiv will keep you satisfied.

If you need it horizontal this July then the brilliant Balearic 2 selected by Ibiza heroes Chris Coco & Jim Breese on the Balearic label will keep you sweet whilst the exquisite electronica, house and techno of Beatamines Echoes on Einmusika / Einmusika Recording will get you grinning within minutes. And finally if you like your house organic and tasty check out 20 Years of Freerange on Freerange Records and the utter genius of the Aus100 Compilation as one of Queenie’s favourite labels celebrate their 100th release.

Finally we want to take a moment to remember those we lost on the dancefloor in Pulse nightclub in June. We stand beside you Orlando. And we will continue to defy the hatred with Pride. On the dancefloor, in the clubs, on the streets and at Pride events across the globe. Today, tomorrow, every day. Love will win.

Wildblood & Queenie’s July Jewels
Demuir Buttery Curves Guesthouse Music A groove so rich even vegans will make an exception for this beauty.

Scott Diaz Love We Had (Adventures In Self Doubt EP) Grand Plan Grab your sunnies, head to the terrace and fall for Diaz’s delight.

Mr Tophat & Art Alfie Skunk Silver Karlovak Get set to lose yourself in this sweet, sweet abyss dear reader.

Matt Smallwood Keep Pushin (Rene Amesz remake) Kittball   Saucy beats that will ensure you keep pushin’ all night long

Sante Sansone Rising (Original Mix) Materialism Let me tell you you need to get down to this Love Sensation.

Samma Lone Before House, Was Disco Uptown Boogie A looped up lesson in disco love we all need to learn.

Georgi Barrel Up The Hill Roots For Bloom A session from the S.H.A.G. Edits EP we can’t get enough of.

Lumoon & Rob!n La Papaye Salted Music Deeply delicious nu-disco that will charm the disco pants off ya.

Gavin Froome feat. Golden Ears Don’t Come Home (The Revenge Remix) Nordic Trax Epic disco fuelled anthem that will ensure the grin is had come dawn.

Tuccillo Full Time Visionquest  As moody as a Wildblood on a rainy day, this is a right bobby dazzler.

Catch Wildblood & Queenie at Patterns’ Home Service  with special guest Solomon Onyemere on July 3rd, on RadioReverb’s Home Service 97.2FM, DAB and online at radioreverb.com on July 10th, the Girls Dance Tent Brighton Pride 6th August and Sunday Sundae Pride Reunion Party at Patterns on 7th August 2016.



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Get serviced this July with Solomon Onyemere

Home Service is all about the Sunday celebration at Patterns. Of decent tunes and of local deck heroes. So we caught with Home Service’s July special guest DJ Solomon Onyemere from Brighton’s Traumfrau, The Hub and many more to talk tunes, clubs, shapeshiting and being the finest of Brighton freaks. Nice. 

How did you get into DJing?  My step-dad was a DJ so I grew up with Technics 1210s and plenty of records around the house (which I’d often rummage through). He also ran a club night with my uncle in London called Move On in the early 90s, which I went to sometimes when I was around 10. So I guess it’s no surprise that music and club culture became a big part of my life.

And what deck action have you had?  I played frequently for Serious and Dusted at various venues including The Cross , Egg, Ocean Rooms and Turnmills. I was the co founder of Mashup bootleg record label and club night Urgent Boots at The Embassy and I also played a marathon b2b set with Howie B and friends at his night Buffallo Mozzarella at The Embassy. I was also the co-founder of club night Marzipan Disco at Moustache Bar and Question Mark Bar,co-organised an event celebrating Detroit Techno called London to Detroit at Catch 22 and had a residency at The Drunken Monkey. I also co-organised an event called Seladore booking electronica act She is Danger (Maya Jane Coles and Lena Cullen) for one of their debut live performances. Plus I have also played several b2b sets with Maya Jane Coles at Brickhouse and Exit.  And I have played at The Hub and various Traumfrau parties in Brighton.

Other noteworthy projects was a collaboration consisting of myself and two other DJ / Producers under the name Urgent Boots In Pandoras Jukebox, we compiled and mixed the music for several Preen by Thornton Bregazzi fashion shows and their promotional CDs. And we also compiled and mixed a launch party promotional CD for jewellery designer Lara Bohinc 107.

Why do you adore Brighton? Because in Brighton I’m a freak among freaks. 

Genres loved and why? I love the many strands of electronic and clubbing music from the 1970s to present day. I mostly gravitate towards house, techno, disco, Italo-disco, electro and post-punk.

What can we expect from your set at Home Service? Hypnotic, balearic, cosmic music.

Any special dance moves planned? Shape-shifting!

How do you like your Dog Haus hotdog? Spicy and saucy.

What are the ingredients for a perfect disco tune? I like my disco chugging, cheeky, raw, trippy, sleazy… sometimes cheesy… It all depends on what mood I’m in.

Solomon Onyemere Home Service Five 

Josh One Contemplation (King Britt Funke Mix)

Bicep & Hammer  Dahlia

Butch  Dope

Coco Steel and Lovebomb  Feel It

Daft Queen Teachers (The QJ Female DJ Edit)

Check out Solomon on Soundcloud

Wildblood & Queenie’s Home Service with Solomon Onyemere at The Sunday Social Club, Patterns, Brighton. Sunday 3rd July. 6pm-midnight. Free entry. Find us on Facebook

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Wildblood & Queenie’s Home Service on Radio Reverb

We love doing radio. Especially with the support of our amazing RadioReverb family. So here’s another chapter in our Home Service adventures with Reverb. Fuelled with decent upfront house, solid disco grooves and the occasional slice of camp banter. Queenie had just done a 24 hour shift at work so we were a little overtired and excitable. Like we are. Most days.

Listen again to all our Home Service wonders at wildbloodandqueenie and twitter away at @homeservicefm

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Love will win

The hours may be passing but the horror is not. People like you, and me out dancing with friends, celebrating, loving, laughing. Gone. Just gone. Taken because of whom they’ve chosen to love. Taken in a place that somehow angered a man fuelled by hatred and bigotry. Taken too soon.

Taken from a gay community that, just like mine, has built itself up through years of adversity and struggle. Taken in a gay club that, just like mine, was filled with the kind of people you see every week. The guy in the leather by the bar, the cutie who can never quite sort his dance moves out, the dear who always loves to make an entrance, the party girl you can always rely on for a giggle, the DJ you’re always pleased to see behind the decks, the love you’ve fallen for and cannot wait to see again. The wonders that make our scene, who have created and built our communities and made our LGBT+ world brighter and better and bolder.

LGBT+ nightclubs are more than just a collection of people losing it in the dark to BPMs. We are a collective who’ve worked their way out from closets, faced bigotry, and prejudice and come out stronger. Together. As DJ and producer Ian Lavine said in 1984 of the importance of nightclubs to LGBT+ culture, ‘every person has to go through a period of soul searching before coming out and it takes great courage…we are entitled to a space where we can relax and socialise with our own kind”.

Without the structure, finances and supportive networks provided by gay clubs and their clientele, LGBT+ life would be very different. Which ever version of clubbing you choose to make your home, queer, alt, disco, bear, house, mainstream, r’n’b, bhangra or indie, LGBT+ clubs are often the first to fundraise and sponsor local and national Pride events and festivals, provide platforms for sexual health outreach projects and deliver a roots of our community. Joining us together, regardless of gender, race or creed, the LGBT+ scene delivers visibility and support that continues to reach beyond the dancefloor.

So today we shall come together once again – on the dancefloor, on the streets, in our clubs, bars, churches and community centres and remember the 49 souls we lost in Orlando. Because that feeling that it could of been us, me, you, that won’t pass. Because in hurting members of our LGBT+ family, where ever they be in the world be it in Orlando, Bangladesh, Kenya, Maryland, Philadelphia, Buenos Aires, Detroit, Jerusalem, Tamba Bay, El Salvador, Wisconsin, Ohio, Olonagapo, Hollywood, Daveyton, Hatey, Ibatiba, Cuiaba, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janerio, Cameroon, Guyana, Syria or Iraq, the murderous bigots hurt us.

And by feeling that hurt we will become stronger. We will continue to defy the hatred with Pride. On the dancefloor, in the clubs, on the streets, at Pride events across the globe, this day, the next day, every day. Love will win.



Make your voice heard: register to vote today

I’m bored. Bored of the backbiting, the scaremongering, the fear, the politicking, the infighting. I usually love politics, devouring every column inch and broadcast minute but this EU referendum has left me frustrated, angry and bored. An interesting combination of feelings that should see me heading anywhere but the ballot box come the 23rd of June.

But no, I’ll be there putting pencil to paper because nobody, not a worthless mix of ambition-addicted Tories fixated on their next career move, nor a gaggle of xenophobic UKIP nomarks determined to terrify us into isolation with their racist overtones and downright lies or a lacklustre Labour leadership aimlessly leading us into decades of Conservative misrule unhedded by EU safeguards, is gonna put me off making my mark.

Because however you side, whatever politicial tribe you are or whatever age you may be, come the 23rd one thing is true. This should be a decision for everyone. So register today and have your say. Don’t let the many be drowned out by the few. Don’t let one generation speak for the many. This is a cross in the box we should all take.



James Kendall gets Home Serviced this June at Patterns

As we prep for another suitably seaside session of Home Service at Patterns on June 4th it seemed only fitting that we caught up with our very special guest DJ local hero James Kendall. Writer, mag man, and DJ fantastic he’s one to watch – esp. if that DJ box wiggle he’s promising shows up.

How did you get into DJing? At university I made friends with a guy on my course who grew up in the city and had decks set up, along with a drum’n’bass record collection that was pretty cutting edge for the mid-90s. I remember hearing ‘Super Sharp Shooter’ as soon as it came out through him. Anyway, we decided to do a night at a local club. We had the basement. I played trip hop, our friend Scott played hip hip and then Steve played drum’n’bass, so breakbeats getting faster through the night. The time I went on the decks was the third time I’d even touched decks, so I imagine no beatmatching happened. A few years later I got a job reviewing house music for DJ Magazine, so I had ALL the records, which helps your bookings, I find.

And your gigs / residencies? I don’t play regularly anywhere these days, but I think I’ve played in every club in Brighton at some point, and a few that don’t exist any more. My best gigs have been as the only support for 2manyDJs at the Concorde 2 and Digital, an amazing free party in Devon, and supporting Phil Hartnoll’s Longrange at SE1. They asked me to play for an hour and I ended up doing three and a half. I got paid with an iPhone and the tinnitus has unfortunately never left.

Why Brighton? People say, “It’s too small, I hate everyone knowing my business.” But I really like that. The sense of community here is like where I grew up, but with stuff to do like when I lived in London. I love that you can walk through town to buy your shopping, run into a mate, decide to pop into a pub for one, end up in a club and then at a house party until 5am. Usually in your house clothes you’d not want to be seen in.

The seaside does what to you? I normally forget that Brighton is by the sea. I’ve moved out the other side now and my house almost touches the Downs. So my calmness comes from the green of the grass not the blue of the sea.

Genres loved? I grew up liking pop music (the 80s being the best pop decade, of course), then found an identity in indie. For a few years I was indier-than-though, but I grew up and embraced acid jazz, of all things, which opened me up to dance music. My housemates at university dragged me to Club UK to cheer me up after I had my heart broken, and that changed my life. From there I started to go to free parties from the likes of DIY and Smokescreen, and I think the groove of deep house really got its hooks in. A boredom of progressive house let me to electroclash, which is the most fun I’ve had in nightclubs. Lately I’ve been mixing 80s synth pop and modern disco in my sets. At this exact minute I’m listening to Beck’s ‘Sea Change’. But mostly I listen to Taylor Swift at the moment – ‘Black Space’ is a work of conceptual genius.

What can we expect from your set at Home Service? Nothing too serious, I think. I think there’s a time for head-nodding and chin stroking, and Sunday night isn’t it. I think I’ll definitely play Chic’s ‘I Want Your Love’, but where that’s in the original form or the Todd Terje re-edit, I’m not sure. I might play the last Daphne & Celeste single. No, come back, honestly it’s amazing. Max Tundra produced it.

Any special dance moves planned? How elaborate my dance moves are is directly related to the size of the dancefloor. But I have been known to have a bit of a boogie behind the decks. As someone once said, “If you can’t dance to your own set how can you expect anyone else to?”

How do you like your Dog Haus hotdog? I like my dog to be a Hot Mess. I’m not sure I really know what a hot mess is, despite loving the Chromeo track of the same name. But a portion of chilli on top of a hot dog can’t go wrong.

What are the ingredients for a perfect disco tune? I once found myself in a winnebago at Bestival with the bloke who I think either the land or part of the festival and a load of cool people including a guy from Horse Meat Disco. Feeling a bit of my depth at 6am I decided to make a “statement” and told Mr Horse Meat that I didn’t like disco. He then proceeded to reel off a million disco tracks that I did like. I think that I was trying to say was that I don’t like the big Salsoul stuff that touches on gospel. I’m more in the camp of Giorgio Moroder – cool synths looped up, instrumental if possible, a bit of economy in there – a bit of repetition.

James Kendall’s Top Home Service 5 

Chic ‘I Want Your Love’

Daphne & Celeste ‘You & I Alone’

Sylvester ‘I Want Somebody To Love Tonight’

Bad Bad Hats ‘Physic Reader’

Federal Prism (aka Scarlett Johansson & Haim) ‘Candy’


Follow James Kendall on Instagram and Twitter

Catch James Kendall at Home Service at Patterns, 10 Marine Parade, Brighton. Sunday 4th June 6pm-midnight. Free entry. The Dog Haus Hot dogs and sides served till 10.30pm. (Chilli optional)