Queenie gets sweet with Sami Kubu

BP15 Sami Kubu Womens Tent DJ 2015With Brighton Pride looming large and beautiful on the horizon, this month Queenie catches up with the gorgeous Sami Kubu to hear about her plans, discover where to find her busy dancefloors or to hear her on the radio, and to find out about her secret guitar wielding past…….

Where can we see you playing these days, and what are your plans for Brighton Pride? I’m down at BeAvantgarde at The Hub some Fridays, Saturdays I do Nightshift at The Duke of Norfolk as well as a few dates in London to be confirmed so stay tuned for that! And you’ll be able to catch me at DPM during the summer. On Wednesday’s for all your airwave junkies, you can catch me on Codesouth from 10pm – 12am playing all sorts of house & techno.  And for Brighton Pride I’ll be in the Girls Dance Tent at the Pride Festival in Preston Park on Saturday 1st August and on Pride Sunday you can catch me at the Secret Garden Party at Neighbourhood and The Official Brighton Pride Girls Weekender Closing Party Ohso Social Beach Terrace Party.

How would you describe your djing style? I’d say my style has got a lot of groove, and strong basslines. I like to remix tracks live, so you’ll always hear a classic vocal line over a bouncy tech house beat.

What’s your favourite song of all time? A bit of a random one but it’d have to be Bruce Springsteen Blood Brothers

Which tune always fills up your dancefloor? Recently it’s been Format:B Chunky. It’s a great tune and goes down well no matter where I’m playing.

What would be your ultimate dream gig? DEFINITELY DC10 or Vista Club in Ibiza and Watergate in Berlin!

Is there one standout tune you’ll definitely be playing this Pride? I Can’t Stop – Sandy Rivera.

Name a tune you wish you’d never played? Honestly, Beyonce Drunk In Love (Full Crate Remix)

Guilty pleasure? Where Are Ü Now by Skrillex & Diplo. I honestly hate myself for liking this track but when it drops in, it’s just so damn catchy!!

What’s been your best ever gig? Last year’s Pride Sunday at Neighbourhood! It was incredible, things just went off!! Such a good vibe!

Tell us a secret! I used to play guitar in a punk band haha!

Sami Kubu’s July Top 5

Kevin Knapp Do Work (Original Mix) OFF Recordings

Butler & Bontan featuring Vula Live My Life (Original Mix) Ultra Records

Disclosure Bang That (Original Mix) PMR

Marc Romboy Ghetto What Systematic

Enzo Siffredi Sometimes (Original Mix) [Defected]

Check out Sami’s new track Think Outside The Box on LLR here and follow her on Facebook

Wildblood + Queenie’s July Gscene Wonders

07_Gscene_Jul2015 coverIt’s been months in the making but we can finally say summer is here. Summer in Brighton. Nothing gets more glorious. So here are a few essential tunes to keep you wiggling in the sunshine.

First up is the low-key electronica of Seb Wildblood’s Foreign Parts on SW Records. Fabulous surname aside, Wildblood’s thoughtful and enchanting beats had us hooked from first listen. As has the brooding melodies of Happyghost’s Cache on The Pool House, and the brilliance of Woolfy vs Projections’ Stations on Permanent Vacation. Sunsets are about to get very special with Woolfy and co in your ears!

Also worth a sashay in your Birkenstocks this summer is 5 Years of Gruuv (EP 1 & 2) on Gruuv. A truly fabulous celebration of this on point label as Gorge, Waifs & Strays, Luna City Express, Julien Chaptal gather for some right proper house action. Also check out the glory that is Good Voodoo Society’s Universal Love. House of the sunshine kind it is destined to be a summer staple.

And finally our two wonders of July. If you’ve not acquainted yourself with Hot Chip’s latest long player Why Make Sense? on Domino Records now is the time. One listen to Need You Now and everything makes sense as these genius of electronica deliver yet another masterpiece. And then there’s Jamie XX’s In Colour on Young Turks. A quite remarkable piece of work of it has it all, reflective moody melodies, summer top down cruising anthems, and sunset love-in soundtracks. Jamie XX and gang, oh my gosh you’ve got us. We’re smitten.

Wildblood and Queenie’s July Gems

Maxxi Soundsystem In The Woods Futureboogie Not a Meryl in sight – just cracking good house music.

Fabio Tosti Keep It Down Salted Music  Bouncy bass lines, cute vocals and funky heart. Just how we like it.

Jon Pleased Wimmin Don’t Be Scared (Of Yourself) (Hifi Sean Remix) Kidology 2 legends come together to create a, well, legendary tune.

Alexis Raphael More Than A French Kiss Lower East Get seduce by Alexis with this deep delight and you’ll not regret it.

JammHot See Me Right Lost My Dog Piano heaven on this hot house hit.

Ashworth Cork (12 Mix)  Needwant Understated genius from the label we all love to love.

Waifs & Strays Work On You Of Unsound Mind We defy you to stay still to this wiggle

Nicola Baldacci In The Mood (Daniele Petronelli Remix) Decide Don’t just stand there, lets get to it.

System2 Everybody’s Freakin’ Viva Music The White Isle beckons

The Mekanism Acid Love Play It Say It Back in the days acid grooves for the 21st century.

Catch Wildblood & Queenie on RadioReverb’s Home Service, at Brighton Pride’s Wild Fruit Big Top, Wild Fruit @ Patterns, Secret Garden Party @ Neighbourhood and Sunday Sundae @ Patterns.

Wildblood + Queenie’s Home Service June 2015


A regal seizure ain’t stopping us. Nope we’re back on Home Service duty this summer with a RadioReverb June mix to get your summer swinging in that deep queer disco-tech kinda way. With tracks from Jamie XX, Gregory Porter, Alexis Raphael , The Golden Boy, Ronnie Spiteri, Shaun J. Wright & Alinka, Sylvan Esso, PBR Streetgang, Jaymo & Andy George x Sidney Charles,  Darius Syrossian, Severino And Faber, Citizenn and Glastonbury wonder’s Hot Chip its more summery than Wildblood in a gingham frock. And that is most summery indeed. Enjoy.

Catch Wildblood & Queenie’s Home Service on Radio Reverb on the second Sunday of each month at 5pm on RadioReverb 97.2Fm, online at radioreverb.com and Mixcloud.

Wildblood + Queenie's Home Service June 2015 by Wildbloodandqueenie on Mixcloud

Why Pride still matters : Reason No.1

Brighton Pride 1991

Brighton Pride 1991

It still happens. Regardless of my day job. Regardless of my night job. Regardless of my life, my wife, my sexuality, my subtle lesbian looks (yeah right!). I still get asked why we still need Pride.

Today The Guardian reported on Stevie-Jade Hardy’s study LGB&T Crime Reporting: Identifying Barriers and Solutions on rural LGBT hate crime in the UK. Figures stated that in 2012-13 “35,000 cases of hate crime against LGBT people went unreported each year [with just] 4,267 incidents … recorded by police”. Whilst The Crime Survey for England and Wales showed “39,000 homophobic hate incidents over the same period”.

Figures hard to read. Figures that shock. Figures that seem so ill at ease with our supposedly tolerant nation, happy to support equal marriage and LGBTQI rights. Behind the headlines of equality is the daily reality of hatred and it’s a hatred that we need to challenge.

Which is why we still need Pride. Somewhere, some day this summer a LGBTQI person will attend their first Pride. Having saved for that coach ticket or hitched a ride, they will make their way to a Pride celebration for the first time. Be amongst others like them for the first time. Talk, dance and maybe even hook up with someone like them for the first time. And although for many of us it’s easy to forget that moment of belonging, of relief, of inner strength we once felt when we attended our first ever Pride, we must not.

We must keep on keeping Pride alive. The campaigning, the celebrating, the community. Because the isolated, the young, the bullied, the hated need to feel they belong. Need a place they can head to, need a place they can call home, if only for one day. They need a place they can feel proud of who they are. And we can make that happen together. If we continue to make Pride matter.

Queen Josephine’s Ouch House 200 at Duke Of Norfolk Brighton Pride fundraiser

Ouch House 200 Preview by Queen Josephine July 2015A Queen will always rise again after a fall. No matter how Ouchy that fall maybe. Boxing Day 2013 and my Queenie, DJ, RadioReverb presenter, camp gay man trapped in a lesbians body (but oh what a cute body) is involved in a horrible, terrible accident. Not good. A Boxing Day fall and not an egg nog to blame or Babysham in sight.  She ends up hospital with a fractured skull, broken elbow and her writing arm shattered in eight places. Little was going to raise her spirits as she lay recovering in the Royal Sussex County Hospital. Except perhaps pen and paper.

Queen Josephine Ouch Decmeber 2013Resurrecting her love of cartooning Queen Josephine began chronicling her long recovery from surgery with the cartoon strip Ouch House Diaries. Left handed scribbles became right handed drawn delights as she used honesty and humour to deal with the trails, tribulations and occasional humiliations of her sick bed. (Lets not mentioned the glamour of bathing dressed in bin bags shall we?)

First Ouch house entryAided and abetted by her two feline nurses Madge and Hubbell and partner-in-line Kate Wildblood, Queen Josephine’s adventures soon gained followers as she shared her Ouch House Diaries on social media, Tumblr and Queenie’s Strip Service in Brighton’s GScene Magazine.

To celebrate 356 days of pen and ink Queen Josephine has created Ouch House 200, an A2 cartoon featuring everyone who made it into the Ouch House Diaries. A kind of Where’s Queenie?, the Ouch House version of Where’s Wally? The Ouch House 200 will be part of the Duke Of Norfolk’s Brighton Pride fundraising Community Art Show Pride Edition exhibition alongside artists from across the city’s diverse LGBTQ community.

Supported by very generous framers ArtsWerk (thank you Tim), all profits from the sale Ouch House 200 will be donated to Brighton Pride and The Rainbow Fund for their continuing support of local LGBT charities and organisations as well as The Friends of Brighton & Hove Hospitals in recognition of the amazing support and care Queenie received from staff whilst at The Royal Sussex Hospital.

So come take a look, see if you made the Ouch House 200 and support Queenie as she supports those who supported her, who support of us when we need them. simple. Just like the pen and ink she makes our lives a little better with.

Queen Josephine’s Ouch House 200 at the Duke Of Norfolk’s Community Art Show Pride Edition and exhibition. 113-114 Western Road Brighton BN1 2AB July 25th – August 21st 2015

For more info about the Duke Of Norfolk’s Brighton Pride 2015 fundraising events click here or follow Queenie’s Strip Service on Tumblr

Perfect Distraction: AKASE’s Rust on !K7

70a00773-f8d4-4e35-b628-cce9c199c59fOn a day in a week of flux when I felt so disconnected this Rust reconnected me. And I can’t help but keep returning to its glorious Radioheadness and Justin Martin like soundscapes. Thank you AKASE. That’s me connected. Once again. A mark of wonder from the genius that is Midland and Robbie Redway. A more than perfect distraction.

AKASE, the collaborative project between Harry Agius (better know as Midland) and Robbie Redway’s debut single ‘Rust‘ on !K7 is out Monday 29th June 2015. AKASEMUSIC

Queenie bear loves Josh The Barber

2014-11-21 05.38.49It’s the start of the summer and that can only mean one thing. The bears are back in town. To celebrate all things fuzzy, this month Queenie catches up with one of the fabulous DJ’s who’ll be gracing the decks at the Brighton Bear Weekender. Take it away the wonderful Mr Josh Sharples.

What’s your DJ name? I’m Josh The Barber – although as I’m not a barber anymore I could be called Josh Was A Barber!!

Where can we see you playing? I have a massive weekend coming up with the Brighton Bear Weekender (19 – 21 June).  First up I’ll be at Bearshaft at Legends Basement Club and then later at GRRR!! at the Latest Music Bar, both on Saturday 21st June. I also play at lots of private parties such as the Zanzibar Reunion at Neighbourhood in July.

Describe your DJing style? I love DJing different genres of music, from disco and northern soul to club classics! I must admit that I especially love dirty, deep and funky house though.

What’s your favourie tune of all time? That’s difficult – there are so many!  I love Shawn Christopher’s Make My love. It reminds me of fun times and close friends and gives me goose-bumps.  If a tune gives you goose-bumps it must be good.

What tune always fills up your dancefloor? Again there are lots, but I’ll settle for Insomnia by Faithless.

What would be your dream gig? It’d be when everyone is really enjoying the music, you can feel the energy and its electric. Whatever the venue size, be it huge or underground and tiny!

Name the track you wish you’d never played! At a friend’s wedding I meant to play Stevie Wonder’s Once In Your Life as the first tune of the evening – it’s the perfect start to a wedding disco.  I’d had a late night and wasn’t firing on all cylinders and played Superstition instead. Not the best start to a couple’s happiest night of celebrations!

Guilty pleasure? I’ve got loads!  But I’ll go for Glen Campbell’s Witichita Lineman ( a real classic).

Dream gig?  I think my best ever gig is split between the early days of GBH at Storm which was a small underground venue but the atmosphere, music and people just made it fantastic and the Men’s Tent at Brighton Pride a few years ago. The atmosphere, the weather and everyone was up for a great time…(goose-bumps again!

Tell us a secret? I danced with Kylie at a club in the late nineties (well it looked like her haha).

Josh The Barber’s Blinding Top 5

PhunkUnique This Is My House ( Hot Steam mix) Red Eleven Recordings

Victor Perez, Vincente Ferrer, Yas Celeda Samba Baccanali (Ibiza Mix) Electrosce

Dj PP, Vlada Asanin Counter ( Jerome Robins remix) Rockit

Morsy Love Keeps Lifting Me Up ( Bronx Underground Mix) AR/UK

SNBRN feat Kaleena Zanders California (Chris Lake remix) Rising

Grab lots of Josh action at brightonbearweekender.co.uk and at Brighton Pride 2015 Men’s Zone