Wildblood + Queenie’s November Home Service

Fancy an hour of the good stuff – with occasional camp banter and regal bits? Then our Home Service on Brighton’s ever glorious RadioReverb will deliver. With upfront tracks by Purple Disco Machine, Will Dawson, La Fleur, and Punks Jump Up, classic wonders from Lawnchair Generals, Jamie xx, John Silver and some disco action from First Choice, you are set for an hour of broadcasting like no other. Literally. Add some barnet love, a not so festive Dear The Evening Argus moment, our tribute to DJ heroine Coco Club wonder and Seven Sins legend Helene Stokes plus Queenie’s Shipping Forecast and you look set to be serviced perfectly by Wildblood and Queenie.

Wildblood + Queenie's Home Service November 2015 by Wildbloodandqueenie on Mixcloud


Queenie gets sinful with DJ Lewis Osbourne

As autumn really gets into full swing with fireworks lighting up the starry sky and piles of leaves just begging to be run through, it must be time to plan some sparkling nights out on those dance floors to keep the night time chills at bay. This month Queenie catches up again with the lovely Lewis Osborne to hear about the rockets he’s setting off in Brighton and Crawley!!!

Remind people of your DJ name: It’s DJ Lewis Osborne!!!

Where can we see you playing these days? Every Tuesday for Trollied Dollies at Bar7 in Crawley, and alternate Saturdays at FunFair in Brighton and 7-Sins at Bar7.

How would you describe your DJing style? A complete and utter mish-mash of pop, house, urban that goes down a treat and just a tad of cheese for good measure!

What’s your favourite song of all time? Too many to choose! But if you push me I guess either Freaks The Creeps (Get On The Dancefloor) or Bodyrox ft Luciana Yeah Yeah.

What tune always fills up (or rescues) your dancefloor? Oh it depends on the night! I’d have to say Eurythmics Sweet Dreams (Steve Angello and Sebastien Ingrosso mix) or Christina Aguilera ft Redman Dirrty.

What would be your ultimate dream gig? Well, this year I had the pleasure of DJing on the Bar7 float in the Brighton Pride parade. I think next years goal is to make it onto one of the stages in the park for Brighton Pride, or maybe another pride in this country. Or around the world!!!

Name a tune you wished you’d never played? Oh god, it’s happened a few times! I think every DJ has played a track that’s killed the vibe slightly or maybe a CD that has skipped. But these things happen – it’s how you recover from it that matters.

Guilty pleasure? Definitely Christina Milian AM To PM. Not such a guilty pleasure really, seeing the crowds reaction is always amazing!

What’s been your best ever gig? I actually can’t name one! I just have to say EVERY Tuesday at Trollied Dollies at Bar7 is fabulous. This is my own night, it’s my baby and it’s been amazing to watch it grow as Crawley’s top crew night.

Tell us a secret. I have three kidneys……well, sort of haha!!!

Lewis Osbourne’s Top November Five

Destiny’s Child Jumpin’ Jumpin’ Columbia

City High What Would You Do Interscope

Pia Mia ft Chris Brown, Tyga Do It Again Interscope

Tinie Tempah ft Jess Glynne Not Letting Go (Sammy Porter remix) DL

Calvin Harris and Disciples How Deep Is Your Love Fly Eye Records

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11_Gscene_Nov2015 (dragged)

Wildblood + Queenie’s November Nuggets

Tis the month to hunker down, revel in the wonders of a cosy session and relax into a season of winter warmth. Let us deliver just that with tunes to make you go ahhh. First up are the Canadian wonder Blond:ish and their cockle warming electronica Welcome To the Present on Kompakt. Beats to revitalise, this will warm you right through winter. As will the excellent Abby Lee Tee’s By Accident on Shash Records with the impish track Drunken Boats, featuring the Bjork like Mimu, worth the purchase price alone and the kooky kool sounds of Wbeeza’s Expression Of Love out on Third Ear.

If you require sunshine through the rain (and sleet and snow) then Andy Compton’s love fuelled Bristol Boogie on Peng will see you through to fair weather whilst the lullaby qualities of en Leise’s Balearic mini album Lingua Franca on International Feel or the enchanting Lazare Hoche’s compilation Access on Lazare Hoche Records will have your rocking to a truly bliss state.

As for our favoured few this November we can’t recommend enough the brilliant Hot Creations presents Summer Jams 2 on, you guessed it Hot Creations. Nothing will beckon the brighter months back sooner than this. As will the exquisite beats of Berlin’s KRTS and his superb longplayer Close Eyes To Exit on Mooncircle. As for our must-hear compilation of the month? It has to be the divine Watergate 19 – Soul Clap on Watergate Records. One of the worlds finest labels delivers a magical live vinyl only set filled with Berlin love ensuring we are all happy to climb aboard the Soul Clap train. Enjoy.

Wildblood and Queenie’s November 12″ Nuggets

La Fleur Make A Move EP Watergate Records Complete and utter brilliance from our top girl. Get acquainted.

AKASE Murmur (Ewan Pearson Remix) !K7 Harry Agius aka Midland and Robbie Redway combine to charm.

John Grant Disappointing (feat. Tracey Thorn) Bella Union  Not jealous of those with tickets for Brighton show. Not. One. Bit.

Ronnie Spiteri Don’t Hold Back (Waif & Strays Remix) Kenja Records Nobody does it better than our Ronnie. Class tune from class act.

Will Dawson Love Supreme Big Lucky Music Dawson does disco and we love it. But then what girl wouldn’t?

Apollo 84 Snookies (DeMarzo Remix) MadTech A stand track out from MadTech 2015 EP demanding of love.

Jem Haynes & SOAME Change Colour Series Fall for this gentle electronica and your winter is sorted.

Doc Daneeka What’s It Gonna Be? (Original Mix n Blen) Ten Thousand Yen Dancefloor killer than demands you unleash the queen.

Chemical Surf & P.A.C.O Walking Back (Rework) Kittball Records Filled with attitude, this 7am wonder is all you need.

Jori Hulkkonen Waiting Is All We Have (Musumeci & Lehar Remix) My Favourite Robot Records A slice of beauty from Jori’s Oh But I Am Remixed EP

Catch Wildblood & Queenie’s Home Service on RadioReverb 97.FM radioreverb.com 5pm Sunday 8th November.


Perfect Distractions: Enzo Siffredi in the mix for MOS

Need to get your wiggle on? Wake up those neighbours? Then grab a session with Brighton’s own wonder boy Enzo Siffredi as he delivers a sterling mix to celebrate his forthcoming gig at Ministry Of Sound on Saturday 14th November. Press play and let Enzo wet your appetite for night with Doorly & Friends with Darius Syrossian, Doorly, Doc Daneeka and the ever cute, always able Minimal Kid. It’s too, too good. Just like Enzo.


Will Young’s Brave Man

Play me the Bronski Beat Smalltown Boy video and my guts flip. I’m back in 1984 and I’m afraid. I wanna run. My sexuality is confusing the hell out of me and I don’t know where to turn. I know the only thing for it is to summon some bravery from somewhere but the isolation I feel is crippling me. This week those emotions returned as I watched the video for Will Youngs’s new single Brave Man. Will’s explanation of the thinking behind the video and his desire to bring the strength and vulnerability of being trans to the media’s front page. Directed by Wiz, starring Finn Colyer and delivered by Brighton’s own Fox Fisher from My Genderation alongside Lewis Hancox, Brave Man is a powerful examination of gender variance, sat proudly in the glare of the mainstream media. And for a lass who all those years ago felt she would never fit, it is a reminder of how far we have to go to until all those are free to be themselves. Will, Finn, Fox and Co I salute you.

Wildblood + Queenie’s Home Service now on Mixcloud

Ouch House 11.10.15Turns out this radio malarky is a right giggle. Join us as we continue our Wildblood & Queenie Home Service adventures for RadioReverb with the latest podcast of our October show. Get set for an hour of radio like no other with plenty of house and disco infused grooves including Letroluv, Inland Knights, Butch, Kim Ann Foxman, Bicep, John Grant and more destined to keep your listening pleasure most regal.

With added Barnet Love courtesy of the fabulous Robyn Faulkner, Dear The Evening Argus, a tribute to our DJ heroine of the month Vicki Edwards, some saucy back-in-the-day delights, a must-do Brighton clubbing selection, Queenie’s Weather Forecast and the usual camp banter only Wildblood & Queenie can deliver.

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Wildblood + Queenie’s Home Service, broadcast on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 5pm, repeated the following Wednesday at 7am, Thursday 11am, Friday 6am.Catch up anytime with Home Service on Mixcloud at wildbloodandqueenie

Wildblood + Queenie's Home Service October 2015 by Wildbloodandqueenie on Mixcloud

World Mental Health Day: Smash the stigma and demand parity in treatment


Today I am an Arsenal fan. Today I love house music. Today I’m keen on the odd cake. Today I have borderline personality disorder (BPD), anxiety and chronic longterm depression. A diagnosis I live with. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Since my diagnosis in 2010 I’ve fought then given up then fought again to live with it. I’ve bashed my head hard against the pauper NHS services to gain the treatment and support I deserve. And finally in 2015 it turned up. Almost unannounced a light returned courtesy of local NHS service for BPD I didn’t even know existed. Miracles do happen.

But unlike if I had broken a bone, immediate treatment was never available to me. Waiting lists months, sometimes years long. Imagine being told to go home from the GP with your broken leg, to wait months for an assessment and then months more for basic, limited treatment. To be denied rehabilitation for your broken body, to have to scream and write and demand and hope that maybe one day your bones will receive the care they deserve.

It would never happen – imagine the headlines if it did. But today, just months after a general election campaign where politicians promised parity between physical and mental health services in the NHS, people are still stuck on lists, going without treatment. Access to talking therapies is a right, not a vague hope, decided by postcode and poorly resourced mental health services. Beds in specialist mental health wards are being cut whilst the seriously ill are being held in police cells as no one can find them a safe place within the NHS. Young people’s first experiences of mental health treatment is through our over-stretched A&E departments whilst those who do get a bed (including children) are often placed hundreds of miles away from their home towns, family and support networks. The DWP fit for work tests humiliate and frighten, often ignoring mental health issues delivering only stress and financial difficulties.  Each is destroying lives, destroying hope.

This is not parity in the NHS for mental health and whilst it continues we must do all we can to protest the injustice so many living with mental health issues face. Whilst every effort to address the stigma surround mental illness must be celebrated and embraced, unless the health care needed to enable those with mental illness is not supplied quickly and with dignity the brave steps people take in coming out as living with a mental health diagnosis or requesting support and treatment, it will be a hollow call to care.

I’m lucky. Thanks to the support of MindOut‘s advocacy service in Brighton my five-year wait for the right treatment is finally over. The small steps I need to take to manage, live with and possibly recover from BPD have begun. Just because the part of me that is broken is complicated, difficult to care for and expensive to treat doesn’t make it any less as urgent as any other diagnosis. In a society where gender and sexuality equality is taken as a right, we must ensure the equality and dignity for those of us living with a mental health diagnosis. Deliver the care and support to the 1 in 4 living with mental health problems and you will reap the rewards. Deliver the care to people like me and the light can return.

Find out more about World Mental Health Day here. Find out how you can fight the stigma of mental health at Time to Change