World Mental Health Day: Smash the stigma and demand parity in treatment


Today I am an Arsenal fan. Today I love house music. Today I’m keen on the odd cake. Today I have borderline personality disorder (BPD), anxiety and chronic longterm depression. A diagnosis I live with. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Since my diagnosis in 2010 I’ve fought then given up then fought again to live with it. I’ve bashed my head hard against the pauper NHS services to gain the treatment and support I deserve. And finally in 2015 it turned up. Almost unannounced a light returned courtesy of local NHS service for BPD I didn’t even know existed. Miracles do happen.

But unlike if I had broken a bone, immediate treatment was never available to me. Waiting lists months, sometimes years long. Imagine being told to go home from the GP with your broken leg, to wait months for an assessment and then months more for basic, limited treatment. To be denied rehabilitation for your broken body, to have to scream and write and demand and hope that maybe one day your bones will receive the care they deserve.

It would never happen – imagine the headlines if it did. But today, just months after a general election campaign where politicians promised parity between physical and mental health services in the NHS, people are still stuck on lists, going without treatment. Access to talking therapies is a right, not a vague hope, decided by postcode and poorly resourced mental health services. Beds in specialist mental health wards are being cut whilst the seriously ill are being held in police cells as no one can find them a safe place within the NHS. Young people’s first experiences of mental health treatment is through our over-stretched A&E departments whilst those who do get a bed (including children) are often placed hundreds of miles away from their home towns, family and support networks. The DWP fit for work tests humiliate and frighten, often ignoring mental health issues delivering only stress and financial difficulties.  Each is destroying lives, destroying hope.

This is not parity in the NHS for mental health and whilst it continues we must do all we can to protest the injustice so many living with mental health issues face. Whilst every effort to address the stigma surround mental illness must be celebrated and embraced, unless the health care needed to enable those with mental illness is not supplied quickly and with dignity the brave steps people take in coming out as living with a mental health diagnosis or requesting support and treatment, it will be a hollow call to care.

I’m lucky. Thanks to the support of MindOut‘s advocacy service in Brighton my five-year wait for the right treatment is finally over. The small steps I need to take to manage, live with and possibly recover from BPD have begun. Just because the part of me that is broken is complicated, difficult to care for and expensive to treat doesn’t make it any less as urgent as any other diagnosis. In a society where gender and sexuality equality is taken as a right, we must ensure the equality and dignity for those of us living with a mental health diagnosis. Deliver the care and support to the 1 in 4 living with mental health problems and you will reap the rewards. Deliver the care to people like me and the light can return.

Find out more about World Mental Health Day here. Find out how you can fight the stigma of mental health at Time to Change

Queenie gets her wiggle on with Toby Lawrence

11951509_619375888203867_5008380544404601162_oAs October shows her autumnal face and those clocks get confused and push themselves back an hour please don’t despair. Because as the leaves start to fall surely you can hear the dance-floor call? It’s the wiggling season, so this month Queenie catches up with a fresh faced young man who seems to be getting people to dance wherever he goes. Ladies and gentlemen – here’s Toby Lawrence!

What’s your DJ name?My name’s DJ Toby Lawrence, really original I know!!!

Where can we see you playing these days? Currently you can see me in Brighton at Revenge for FOMO, R-Haus, Hampshire Boulevard & Bar 38 in Portsmouth and The Edge in Southampton.

How would you describe your djing style? I’d like to say my sets are quite mash-upy, all over the place (in a good way!). I like to switch things up, keep people on their toes, try to mix tracks together in pretty unique ways and make sure that the crowd is happy and responding well to what I play.

What’s your favourite song of all time? I have so many to choose from! If I had to pick it’d be Superstylin’ by Groove Armada or Turn Me Out by Russ Chimes

Which tune always fills up (or rescues) your dancefloor? If I’m playing commercial a good pop-punk song always goes down well when people need a pick me up. Teenage Dirtbag is an anthem at FOMO and people are always ready to damage their vocal chords screaming along to it!

What would be your ultimate dream gig? I’d love to do festivals! I’ve always wanted to play the Pride dance stages since I’ve started DJing. I think that’s when I’ll be able to look back and realise that this weird dream of playing music to drunk people was all worth it.

Name a tune you wish you’d never played? Oh I’ve done it countless times! I don’t think there’s any shame in that. Part of becoming a DJ is testing the waters and seeing what works and what doesn’t, it doesn’t make anybody a bad DJ; it’s all a learning experience, which I really enjoy to be honest.

Guilty pleasure? Oh definitely the Vengaboys. I am not cool in anyway so I have no shame in admitting that I listen to the megamix on a lot of long train journeys.

What’s been your best ever gig? This year was my first ever Brighton Pride! I had an amazing time DJing at Revenge and the Village Street Party. It was a weekend I will remember for the rest of my life and really validated quitting my job earlier this year to pursue music full time.

Tell us a secret! I still often get ID’d walking into a lot of the clubs I work in. Oh well, can’t fault security for doing their job can you?!

Toby’s Top October Wonders

UMEK Jingo (Original) 1605

Midnight City Sexy Lady (Piano Lesson) (Original) Unsigned

Philip George Alone No More (Original) 3Beat Productions

Ryan Blyth Special (Original) Cuff Records

Hervé You Give Me Something (Original) Love & Other

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Wildblood + Queenie’s October Wonders

10_Gscene_Oct2015 (dragged)Summer may be bidding us a fond farewell but the beats keep coming as we wind our way towards an autumn of cosy soundtracks and very warm dancefloors. There’s loads to raise the temperature this October including the brilliantly sharp tech and house of Arno Gonzalez’s The Delivery Boy on Timid Records, the techno twirl that is Aphrohead’s impressive Resurrection on Crosstown Records, Kito Jempere Objects Remixed by HNNY, Jacques Renault, OOFT! and more on Fata Morgana and the sublime beats of Toby Tobias Rising Son on Delusions of Grandeur. Never has seduction been so ably assisted.

For music with very decent intentions you can’t go wrong with the various artists including Move D, dynamic duo Bicep, Amir Alexander and Neville Watson as they deliver the goods for ‘First Annual Fundraiser – War Child’ on Craigie Knowws.

As for our must-hear wonders for October check out just one and you’ll be grinning from ear to ear. Be it the unique live techno set that is Mathew Johnson on Fabric 84, the too, too good grooves of Madhouse Amsterdam 2015 on Madhouse Records, the pleasure to treasure that is Mano Le Tough’s Trails on Permanent Vacation, the utterly charming grooves of Kyodai’s Reworks on Local Talk, the night beats of VIVa Warriors Season 4 – Mixed By Detlef & Denney on VIVa Music or the exquisite selection that is Seth Troxler’s DJ Kicks on !K7 your Autumn is sorted. All stylish like. Enjoy.

Wildblood and Queenie’s October 12”s of joy

Butch Dope  Play It Say It  When the beats are this infectious all you can do is dance

JammHot Look To The Skies RFBCOLOURS A Home Service favourite that is keeping the sun shining

Benoit & Sergio House With 500 Rooms Leftroom Limited Hypnotic, heavenly grooves that insist on a sexy wiggle

Doorly & Hauswerks Swamp Donkey Hot Creations A dancefloor bomb – no animals were harmed in the making of this record.

Josef K & Winter Son ft. Flora Cruz Tribal Rhythm (Kim Ann Foxman Remix) Firehouse The White Isle wonder with more sass than is decent

Bicep & Hammer Dahlia  Feel My Bicep The boys flex their muscle with this house delight

Karen Ruimy & Youth Los Entres (Sandy Rivera Remix) Karais Feel that piano and fall in love with Rivera. Yet again

Funkyloco Mango House (Original Mix) So Sound Recordings We love it when life gets fruity. One of your five a month.

Alexis Raphael Chicken  MadTech The food theme continues with this lip-smacking taste thriller

Hess is More Youarenotaprimate (Dimitri From Paris At The Loft Mix) Gomma Disco. Disco. Disco. We were all made to disco.

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Perfect (rainy day) Distraction: Morrissey’s Every Day Is Like Sunday

Frinton seafron…ng feelingSome days I revel in weather like this. Grey. Wet. Mimsy. One look outta the window and Morrissey comes to mind. One listen to this beauty and I’m back there. 1988. Walking along Frinton beach. Footsteps disappearing into the damp sand seconds after I’d taken them. My beloved Sony Walkman my only companion. Damp legs. Angst ridden heart. I was the perfect teenager. And Morrissey captured the essence of my not so perfect seaside home town. Oh Frinton. So much to answer for.

Breathe together for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust

11891872_10155983132585066_6424101265184418364_oIf you do one thing this weekend Breathe. Yeah I know it sounds bleeding obvious but if this weekend your breathing could mean fundraising for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, getting your wiggle on to the rather fine DJs’ Maze & Masters, Ellie Cocks and SummerDaze in one of Brighton’s finest beachside venues, well you would take a deep one wouldn’t you?

So do yourself a favour and get down to The Tempest Inn this Saturday night, have a ball, raise loads of cash for a very worthy cause and Breathe. Never take it for granted. Do what promoter Sheri Grant is doing and do the right thing. Chip in, get your wiggle on and Breathe.

Breathe. The Tempest Inn, 159-161 Kings Road Arches, Brighton. Saturday 19th September. 9pm.

For more info on Breathe click here and for the equally wonderful Breathe Easy Fun Day at Hove Lagoon and Big Beach Cafe click here. All contributions, be they beachside or on the dancefloor are needed as we stand together to raise money and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis Trust and all the fighters and families affected.

September’s Wildblood + Queenie’s Home Service now on Mixcloud


Grab yourself some real listen again pleasure with this month’s Wildblood and Queenie’s Home Service on Radio Reverb now streaming on Mixcloud. Stuffed with plenty to keep you serviced all month, its a pleasure you will always treasure. Honest. And with an added Seamus Haji Re-loved Mini Mix it has more wiggle than a worm, well, wiggling. Enjoy.

Wildblood + Queenie's Home Service with added Seamus Haji Mini Mix September 2015 by Wildbloodandqueenie on Mixcloud

Wildblood + Queenie’s Home Service September 2015 tracklisting

  1. Mirror People Dance The Night Away (Ft. Hard Ton)
  2. JammHot  Look To The Skies
  3. Diana Ross Upside Down (Dorsia Remix)
  4. Seamus Haji Re-Loved Mini Mix

    Re-Loved  Intro

    Convertion  Let’s Do It (Re-Loved Dub)

    Re-Loved  Be My Baby  White

    Re-loved Giving You  White

    Re-Loved  Caribbean Dance

    Logg  Take This Love (Re-Loved Edit)

    Erucu  Re-Loved By Seamus Haji  White

    Re-Loved 24-7  White

    Re-Loved  Feel It  White

    Re-Loved Take It Easy  White

    Re-Loved  London Dread  White

    Re-loved  I’m Happy  White

    Re-Loved Outro  White

  5. Lenny Fontana Chocolate Sensation (2015 House Vocal Mix)
  6. Liquid People Love Is The Answer / The Dragon (Love Is The Answer)
  7. Sandy Rivera Take Away My Pain
  8. Clemens Rumpf Bring The Funk Back (Disco Sensation Mix) Disco Days EP Vol. 2
  9. Miguel Migs So Good (Deluxe Main Mix)

Queenie’s Strip Service: Pussy Pride Hangover


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