UKIP That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

camarageInsomnia occasionally has its plus points but being awake late enough to hear the results of the Rochester and Strood by-election and Mark Reckless’ victory for UKIP isn’t one of them. How long can you lie there before you stop feeling grrrrrrrr? Not long enough it seems, because when I finally woke this morning the grrrrrrr continued as the news confirmed my country’s continued lurch to the right.

Its a lurch that is leaving me feeling hopeless. Today the BBC’s Nick Robinson asked UKIP’s Nigel Farage (is it a coincidence that the last four letters of Nigel’s surname capture exactly how he makes me feel?) about his (yes his!) prospects for government come the 2015 general election. Seriously, he asked him seriously. That half joked about nightmare of a coalition between the Tories and UKIP is looking possible. And it is frightening the hell out of me. But I can’t do a Paul Daniels and threaten to leave the UK if the election doesn’t deliver the government I want. I have to stay. And I will have to watch as so many of the values I love about this country are buggered. Buggered. Buggered. Out of Europe. Out of favour. Out of decency. A country where xenophobia and the fear of the Other decides our policies and our place in the world.

But I’m the Other. I’m queer. I’m a woman. Once upon  a time my family arrived here from France. (That’s probably nil poi as far as UKIP and Britain First are concerned). I’m no pure breed Anglo Saxon. My freinds come from Europe and beyond. Some are in relationships with those who would never get a visa if UKIP are shaking the tail of the Tories. So where do we fit in this new far right-sided world? As a rather wonderful woman said on Question Time last night, are are our lives to be governed by MPs who get a bit racist when they are tired. Are we to be legislated by MPs and councillors with connections to the vile Britain First or BNP? Where does this stop? And how do we stop it?

The country we live in today and the everyday problems we encounter – our buckling public services, stretched NHS, limited school places and lack of decent, contracted, fairly paid jobs are not the fault of the Other. Just as in previous times of depression and economic downturns we are not broke because of the immigrant. As a country we would be broken without immigration. And I’m feeling broken just thinking about the battle ahead if we are to stop Farage and the panicking leaders of Labour, Lib Dem and Conservative party’s taking this country so far right we can’t turn back. Who can I vote for to stop this madness?

The answer? I’m still too sore from banging my head against the wall to work that one out today but I do know one thing. We need to change the conversation. Its not about you and me vs the Other. Its about us. Maybe its time to reclaim Osbourne’s infamous catchphrase. We are all in this together.

Rant over. Suggestions on WTF we do next most welcome. We can sort it. Can’t we?

Queenie and DJ Hollie Disco-Dolly do the SanFranDisco

Photo by

Photo by Mike Dowson

Queen Josephine catches up with the marvellous Hollie Disco-Dolly and rediscovers the magic of vinyl…. particularly when the disco beckons.

Where can we see you playing these days? I’m a strictly vinyl DJ which can be rather problematic when I’m booked for gigs! I explain that from the outset then I arrive at the venue to find only CDJ’s or unloved broken decks!!! Luckily vinyl is having a resurgence and I’m now playing at SanFranDisco at A Bar, Brighton. We’ve had a couple of genius all dayers – I’m playing disco so am out of my ‘house DJ comfort zone’ but it’s music I LOVE! The crowd are brilliant and the place always ends up rocking. Another all-dayer is coming soon so watch this space……

How would you describe your djing style? Watching people dancing and enjoying themselves to your music is a legendary feeling. I’m a soul girl and that shines through wherever I play – I call it FunkySexyDiscoHouse!!!

What’s your favourite song of all time? Oh my… this is always such a hard question – too many favourites – but one of my all time faves is Angie Stone’s I Wish I Didn’t Miss You. I get goose bumps whenever I hear it.

Which tune always fills up  your dancefloor? Without a doubt it has to be The Boss either by The Braxtons or Diana Ross depending on whether I’m playing house or disco set It was my signature final tune at Sunday Sundae, and it still never fails to deliver!!!

What would be your ultimate dream gig? This is easy! I’m a Vivienne Westwood devotee (I even have a Westwood classic orb emblem tattoo) so my dream gig would be to DJ at one of her catwalk shows wearing head to toe Vivienne!!!

Guilty pleasures? Reality and trashy TV….Big Brother, TOWIE etc and I’m slightly addicted to Gogglebox (sad but true).

What’s been your best ever gig? Another hard question to answer as I’ve been really blessed and lucky enough to have played at some amazing gig’s over the years …warming up for Freemasons and Bobby and Steve, playing in tents at various Prides and every Sunday Sundae I ever did! However, my standout gig was a few years back at The Arc for Trade vs Wild Fruit… all my London friends were down and the place was rammed!!! Taka Boom (Chaka Khan’s sister) did a PA in the DJ box during my set, then MC Tyron (Bootylicious/Off The hook) did a mini set straight afterwards over the top of my records. Fabulous!!!

Tell us a secret! Loose Lips Sink Ships!!!!

Hollie’s top 5 “SanFranDisco” faves

Candi Staton When You Wake Up Tomorrow Warner Bros Music

Odyssey Follow Me (Play Follow The Leader) Chappell Music/RC

Sister Sledge Love Don’t You Go Through No Changes On Me Atlantic

Jackie Moore This Time Baby CBS Record

Jackson Sisters Miracles Tiger Lily Records

Catch Hollie at SanFranDisco at The A Bar, Brighton

Wildblood and Queenie’s Gscene November Nuggets

11_Gscene_Nov14Whizz, bang, wheeee! Yes our favourite banger of a month is finally here and we have a fine selection of soundtracks to keep your November toasty and warm. First up is the subdued minimalism of Brassica’s Man Is Deaf on Civil Records and it is anything by minimal and every bit as civil as you’d expect from this must electronic wizard. Lose your self in the finely crafted beats and bleeps for a longplayer you’ll find life less without. Also keeping us soaring this month is the divine dirty disco beats of Craig Bratley’s Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride on Tsuba and the fierce French house and techno wonders of Kyō mixed by Oxia a.k.a. Olivier Raymond on Kyō Records. Remarkably addictive.

Berlin wonder Chanson 3000 from the renown German producer Munk on the Gomma label has brings much needed sunshine and will impress with his mix of house, disco and all things exquisitely electronic. As will the brilliant new Tilt album Resonator on Pro B Tech records. Tilt a.k.a. Mick Park and Nic Britton deliver a session of future music that ticks every house, techno and classic electronica box you have and then some. A real Tilt treat.

Finally our must have a wiggle albums. First up is the sublime electronic pop of Various Artists The Green Collection
 on Eskimo Recordings – the aptly named follow up to the labels Pink and Blue collections. Already a firm favourite in the QJ & WB household, it will enhance any frosty adventures you have planned this winter. As will the Various Artists Needwant: 5 Years
on, you guessed it, Needwant. With Maxxi Soundsytem, Bonar Bradberry, Kim Ann Foxman and more onboard it really is the ride of November. Get on board sharpish. Enjoy.

Wildblood & Queenie’s Naughty November 12”s

Brodanse Nobody Walks (Original Mix) Danse Club Records  Sultry saucepot of a tune that demands your devotion.

Xinobi Bogata (Psychemagik Remix) Discotexas If there were such a genre as whallop this is it. Dirty, dirty bass!

Trulz & Robin feat. Camilla Luna Me To You Eskimo Recordings Deep house of the dead sexy kind destined to delight         .

Copy Paste Soul The Push (No Artificial Colours Remix) 2 Swords Another spectrum busting remix from the Artificial wonders

Steve Lawler That’s House Play It Say It A slice of classy back in the day house that’s impossible to resist.

Ali Love Perfect Picture Crosstown Rebels Loopy bassline line with a funky heritage that will have you hooked

High Contrast Who’s Loving You (Deetron Remix) Virgin / EMI Deetron deliver yet another must wiggle remix to keep us moving.

Jaymo & Andy George In My Way Moda Black Always a class above, always perfection.

Secondcity feat Ali Love What Can I Do (Mark Fanciulli Rmx) MOS Come 5am this is all you’ll need.

Bunte Bummler Purple Talk Hot Trax Kooky kool hot trax out to thrill with its unique house groove.

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Review: Bitten and smitten by The 2 Bears

1452582_10152613939708557_8879880022962823218_nIt may just be background music but those warm up grab-that-first-beer tunes tell you a lot about the night ahead. When The 2 Bears came to Brighton’s The Haunt this week the sound system was brought to life by Frankie and Donna, insisting we feel the love and relax. Yep a night with The 2 Bears a.k.a. Raf Rundell and Joe Goddard was coming our way and we were primed for some perfect bear distractions.

The 2 Bears second album The Night Is Young has kept me grinning since the promo landed in my inbox and has proved itself – thanks to its almost continuous play status – to be one of the most joyous dance albums of the year. Lyrically beautiful with tales of betrayal and beauty, love and life, its musically sound ventures fuelled with furry electronica, decent beats and addictive melodies is a thing of wonder and transferred perfectly to the live stage as Joe and Raf came up trumps with a celebratory performance. We Work(ed) it from the beginning as we promised to Be Strong for the Bears.

The intimacy of The Haunt allowed for the most glorious of connections with the band as the boys, ably abetted by their goddess of a guest vocalist Adelaide Mackenzie, delivered a night of grins. My Queen was the perfect anthem for us furry freaks and geeks and when Sink The Pink joined the band to strut their stuff and bring the fierce radical drag beauty of Not This Time video to life I was bear smitten. Again.

Add Kellee’s must see rave knitting (I expect to be warmed up this way for every future gig I attend), the company of some true Brighton VIP wonders and the wiggle we all got on, this was a night where the bear hugs were free and easy and all ours. Just how it should be. Here’s to many more of them.

For details of The 2 Bears tour and photos

If you go down to The Haunt you’ll be in for a 2 Bears surprise

10699945_10152557825473557_3261248409934715224_oThe 2 Bears have been soundtracking my every wiggle this past month. Their joyous album The Night Is Young is a masterstroke in right proper dance music, ensuring no day is grey as they deliver track after track of Bear delights. From the lyrically pert Not This Time to the campaigning corker that is Money Man via the life affirming My Queen, it is a 33 you need in your life. And on Tuesday 28th Joe Goddard and Raf Daddy bring their glorious selves to Brighton’s Haunt, ensuring a night of smokey wiggles and bear love as they kick off their first ever live tour. I can’t wait. The night will be young, the night will be fabulous.

The 2 Bears Live at The Haunt, Pool Valley, 28th October, 7.45pm. Grab tickets here and see you at the front.

Perfect Distraction: Brodanse feat. Cari Golden ‘Nobody Walks’ Danse Club Records

DCR015 - Web

The rain is boring, the news is frightening, my bank balance is buggered and this morning’s porridge wasn’t quite enough to lift the spirits. But then this beauty dropped. And now I’m perfectly distracted. By a tune, by a lass, by a groove, by a moment. Brodanse featuring the wonderful Cari Golden ‘Nobody Walks’ on Danse Club Records has everything I need right now. Its getting my wiggle on, I’m more than smitten and its making the rain go away. Just how I like it.

Brodanse feat. Cari Golden ‘Nobody Walks’ Danse Club Records is out now on Beatport
A1. Nobody Walks (Original Mix)
A2. Nobody Walks (Club Dub) (Vinyl Only)
B1. In The House (Original Mix)
B2. Reactivate (Original Mix)

Kyrgyzstan to vote on ‘gay propaganda’ ban

Kate Wildblood:

Another step backward!

Originally posted on 76 CRIMES:

By Tom Ana
Editor of Caucasus Equality News

Kyrgyzstan is located between Kazakstan and China (Map courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Kyrgyzstan is located between Kazakstan and China (Map courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

A committee of Kyrgyzstan’s parliament this week approved a proposed “gay propaganda” ban, moving the bill one step closer to being brought into law.

The ban will now go up for vote in the nation’s assembly this Thursday, Oct. 9.

Under the proposed ban, heavily modeled on current Russian laws, any individuals found guilty of spreading “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” would face up to a year behind bars. The ban would also outlaw LGBT rights and advocacy groups and make the discussion of LGBT issues with a minor an arrestable act.

Proponents of the bill claim that the ban would “defend the institution of the traditional family.” The bill’s sponsor, member of parliament Kurmanbek Dykanbaev, told RFE that “under the West’s influence, the norm of same-sex families is being…

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