Dear Katie Hopkins, it was The Sun what gotcha

The_sun_logoYou’ve been in my head for days. Much to my disgust. I’ve tried to ignore you. I’ve listened to the advice that you are fuelled by my indignation. But, but, but I just can’t let it lie. There’s self-seeking publicity, there’s rant upon rant in the endless craving for headlines but this Hopkins, this has crossed a line.

You don’t have to go far back in history to recall the damage rhetoric like yours does. “Vermin”, “cockroaches”, all words that sat happily in speeches as Nazi’s reclassified Jews as sub-human in the 1930s or as Hutu’s listened to broadcasts intent on the destruction of the Tutsi people in the 1990s. Each shamed humanity. And each was driven with a bigotry so vile it changed continents forever.

You call migrants attempting to cross the mediterranean a “virus”, worthy of gunships or burning boats, as if they are no longer human. As if they have no place in your world, a world of privilege and shelter and food and safety. When was the last time you had to flee for your life? When were you threatened with rape or faced beheading or enslavement because of your religion? When did you have to leave your home, encountering danger at every turn just in an attempt to provide for your family? I doubt you ever have – but then you are not The Other, sat in the crosshairs of your hatred. You are a Brit, living in a warm home paid for by peddling ignorance and hatred for Rupert Murdoch.

Thing is I am an Other. I’m a queer, thankfully living in a tolerant society. But rhetoric like yours fills me with fear. Because rhetoric like yours leads to a bad place. A very bad place, where those who are not like you don’t deserve what you have. No equality, no empathy and, according to your column inches, no life. Your rhetoric and that of the publications you work for leads to an acceptance of prejudice, an alliance with fear that drives the nation’s agenda from ballot box to street, from political policy to the world stage.

And for allowing you to be part of this process I hold The Sun responsible. Yet again driving across the message that we are not all equal. Migrants, the unemployed, trans people, queers, miners, football fans, people like me – they’ve had us all in their sights over the decades. Believing that some deserve more than others and that hatred, bigotry and xenophobia, all wrapped up in so-called free speech with a nice byline and a teasing headline, is what we want and excuses the hatred. Well it isn’t and it doesn’t.  And it shouldn’t be allowed to continue unchallenged. Politicians may be too afraid to deal with the horror in the Med as they chase crosses in boxes from the fearful but some of us aren’t.

Maybe we can’t do more than petition, boycott, tick the boxes of those brave enough to make a stand or make a social media noise but, just as against the bigotry of Jan MoirRichard Littlejohn, and Garry Bushell that came before you, when we raise our voices, complain to the IPSO, use our purchasing power and convince the money – the advertisers, the sponsors, the broadcasters – that there is a line, they will eventually listen. And then we can stop listening to you. Because you crossed a line and the decent and I are not coming with you.

*Note to the reader. If you do fancy making a noise – and if lots of us do it becomes a roar – you can sign this petition.

Trans person gang-raped, 2 others killed in Pakistan

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Swabi, Pakistan (Photo courtesy Wikipedia Commons) Swabi, Pakistan (Photo courtesy Wikipedia Commons)

The Nation Pakistan reported earlier this month on a police report that several armed men gang-raped a trans person after they had killed two others in Swabi, in the district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Northern Pakistan.

The group of three trans persons was returning home after performing a music and dance show at a wedding reception.

Sajjad Khan, district police chief of Swabi, said the men were waiting for them in a field and tried to abduct all of them but they refused.

“The attackers opened fire after the refusal. One (trans) and one drummer died on the spot while another was wounded,” Khan said. The armed men then abducted the injured trans person who was released hours later, Khan said. “The victim told police that (s)he was set free after being gang-raped by four persons,” the police officer added.

Police have arrested six suspects and…

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Tonight: Wild Fruit presents Fabulous


Wild Fruit has always been about the people. Sure the tunes, the decor, the productions, the hostesses, the PA’s, the wild and wonderful themes and those Pride parties, oh those Pride parties, have all played a part in making Wild Fruit the legend it is today. But for me, be it as clubber or DJ, Wild Fruit has always beens about the special Fruity family; the wonders on the dancefloor, the delights at the bar, the disco darlings by the DJ booth, and yes even the randoms in the toilet queues. All coming together, as the DJ plays one last tune, arms in the air, united as one. Friends for (fruity) life.

Tonight may of us will be gathering to reclaim the party spirit, the fabulous, glamourous, sparkling spirit that makes Wild Fruit so special. It promises to be a Sunday social like no other, filled with classic Fruity tunes and must-do catch-ups. A chance to come together, dress up and be Fabulous again. Just how Brighton should be.

Wild Fruit presents Fabulous. Sunday 5th April No32 Duke St, Brighton. Hosted by the legendary Dolly Rocket and Chrissy Darling with DJs Pete Hayward, Dulcie Danger, Mikalis, Wildblood and Queenie. 9pm-3am. Find Fabulous on Facebook

12″s of Wild Fruit

Wild-Fruit-frontA 12″ of clubbing wonder from our 2014 Strike A Brighton Pose exhibition. Part of the Brighton Pride Arts and Film Festival, SABP told the tale of LGBTQI clubbing in the city and celebrated the flyers, the people and the wonders that are our queer discos. Enjoy the Wild Fruit throwback this Thursday and then join us this Sunday as Wild Fruit presents Fabulous at No32 Duke Street, Brighton from 9pm with DJs Pete Hayward, Dulcie Danger, Mikalis and us two – Wildblood and Queenie delivering a soundtrack of Wild fruit diva fuelled vocal house classics. Hosted by the disco double act we all want to be Chrissy Darling and Dolly Rocket. For more info check out Wild Fruit on Facebook. For more Strike A Brighton Pose delights click here.


April’s Ouch House calendar – April showers regal style

Ouch House April 2015Download your April edition of the Ouch house Diaries calendar here

Queenie gets a Little Rob action

10689939_10154881109000436_2945016989920007505_nNow the nights have a spring in their step it follows that the party should be bouncing about like mad. This month, Queenie catches up with DJ Little Rob and reckons his nights are going to be full of Easter promise…..

Hello! What is your DJ name? Little Rob, because I knew a few other Rob’s and I was always the shortest… not what you guys always think ;-)

Where can we see you playing these days? I’ve played top Brighton venues the Bulldog, Revenge, Legends and Boutique and I play a lot in London. I’ve also played great nights such as Marine Late at The Marine Tavern and The Big Scrum at Subline and have a a new residency at Bloc. There’s much more in the pipeline and I’m very excited about this Pride! All will soon be revealed!

How would you describe your djing style? Most my gigs vary in style/genre due to the night. At Marine Late I play 80s & HI-NRG, at Perfume Garden I play hard house & trance. The style I play out on a regular basis is house & commercial.

What’s your favourite song of all time? Hmmmm…. it has got to be Marmion Schoneberg (Marmion remix) because of my raver days at Tidy. Also it was the last song played at Trade at Turnmills, which is still very close to my heart.

Which tune always fills up (or rescues) your dancefloor? Zoe Badwi’s Release Me never fails do get the crowd moving.

What would be your ultimate dream gig? I would love to DJ at Dance Valley in Holland….. I get goosebumps when I see video clips of the crowds! Some of my DJ hero’s have played there too!

Name a tune you wish you’d never played? It has got to be that song from the Disney film Frozen. I even get asked at house gigs to play it! Everywhere I was I heard it and the craze went on for ages with people singing ‘let it go at you’. Especially that Monkey character.

Guilty pleasure? Ooooh well I have a few and they are Spice Girls, Bewitched, Steps….. and Danni Minogue’s All I Wanna Do.

What’s been your best ever gig? I can’t decide between the two, but main stage Trafalgar Square for London Pride or Maspalomas Gay Pride where I have played to a crowd of about 30,000. Absolutely immense!!!

Tell us a secret! I still have my teddy bear from when I was a born, though I don’t sleep with him like when I was a child…..

Lil Rob’s April 5

Giorgio Moroder Right Here Right Now feat Kylie (7th Heaven Remix) RCA

Beverly Knight Soul Survivor (Bimbo Jones) Hurricane

Umek and Groovebox  Cause And Effect Toolroom

Philip George Wish You Were Mine All Around The World

Hardsoul And Dirty Freak Just Another Face ft Bridgette Apartment Sixty Three

Little Rob on Facebook

Wildblood and Queenie’s Gscene April Wonders

04_Gscene_Apr15Spring has finally sprung. The bunnies are bouncing, the sap is rising and the tunes are filled with sunshine. Yes our favourite time of year has arrived and the soundtrack is glorious. No fillers, just spring thrillers. First up is the magnificent Joe Le Bon’ s House Music Love Music on Moods & Grooves. Take a journey onboard this stylish Berlin bound house train and you will be forever wiggling. As you will if you indulge in a little of Dave DK’s captivating Val Maira on Kompakt. Quality electronica for the quality lover. Other adventures in sound worth noting this month include the brilliant Markantonio’s Musichemistry on Analytic Trail and the must groove that is Jazzy Eyewear’s 10 Years Of Jazzy Eyewear, Pt. 2 on So Sound Recordings.

As for those sensations we can’t help but salute this month? First are Eelke Kleijn, Prok & Fitch and Boris for Toolroom Live 02 on Toolroom Records. With house this enchanting you just know we are going to have sensational summer (and Brighton Pride) ahead. Next we have the truly inspirational fabric 81 Mixed by Matt Tolfrey on fabric. Always one to get excited about, Matt Tolfrey delivers a perfect compilation, making memories and refreshing parts you never knew needed the Tolfry touch. Magic. As is Rebel Rave 4 from Matthew Styles on Crosstown Rebels. With a track list that includes Eats Everything, Jamie Jones, Cassius, Dixon, Tale Of Us, Maceo Plex and Herbert you know there is a party to be had with the Rebels. As always. Enjoy.

Catch Wildblood and Queenie at Wild Fruit presents Fabulous on Sunday 5th April at No.32 Duke Street, Brighton and on Radio Reverb’s Home Service.

Wildblood + Queenie’s 12’s of April joy

1. Woozee Fine Without You Club Soda Records Several “Wooh!”s + “come on baby’ samples = tune greatness

2. HNNY Solsidan / Alby EP Let’s Play House Let the sunshine in

3. Miguel Migs The Melody (Original) Salted Music Another class production with true Soul (II Soul).

4. Ralph Lawson presents Lost in Time Hold Over Me (Ralph Lawson & Tuccillo Vocal Mix) No.19 Music Deep divine beats to keep a hold of you till dawn.

5. Man Without A Clue Get Out Of My House (Waifs & Strays Remix) OFUNSOUNDMIND They so do have a clue – beats of the devilish kind

6. Ricardo Baez Butoh (David Jach Remix) Exotic Entertainment Forbidden Colours EP that has us in a sweet dancefloor sweat

7. Satoshi Tomiie Thursday, 2am Abstract Architecture New Day Album sampler that has us smiling all day long

8. wAFF Connected Hot Creations Dirty groove demanding attention. Just as we like it.

9. Pete Dafeet Wife (Extended Mix) Lost My Dog Piano loveliness returns for a house masterclass from Mr. Dafeet

10. Superlounge ft. Jinadu & Forrest Ghost Of Time Culprit Aching beauty from one of the UK’s finest.