Twelve Inches: Help needed to create a snapshot of our dancefloor lives


My next Strike A Pose project will examine the role of gay clubbing as a rite of passage. Twelve Inches will reflect queer journeys, those early days we all had finding dancefloors, finding self by utilising memories supplied by clubbers of their first tentative forays into LGBT society. (That’s where you dear friends, colleagues and fellow clubbers come in). It will celebrate those first dancefloor stepping-stones be they accepted or rejected.

Twelve Inches will also reappropriate LGBT personal ads dating from the late 1980s onwards and examine the need for connection, social, physical or sexual. The connections that accompanied those early days of coming out, getting down and becoming who we are today. Making the connection between private (ads) and public (photographs) Twelve Inches will reflect the different culture of queer life in the 80s and 90s. The difference in the way we connected, how those connections had to be made and the restrictions placed on them as we struggled to throw off the handcuffs of criminalisation. Twelve Inches will pose the question of how we connected to each other before the days of Grindr and social networking, and what we’ve gained or lost over the years.

To make this happen I need to connect with you. Provide me with one photo. Of you. Of then. Of back in the day. Your first out days. That first night on a queer dancefloor. Your photograph will form part of my Twelve Inches collage and help me tell the story of those connections made. Here’s to some fabulous #flashbackgaydays

If you would like to contribute please email me one photo to or fill in the below contact form. All contributors will be credited. Thank you.


DJ Profile: Ruby Roo


Ok folks – are you fed up with all the seriousness a chilly winter spreads around? Do you feel the need to bounce around like loons to a multitude of party tunes?? Then look no further than towards the lovely Rupert. The fabulous Ruby Roo to those in the know. This month Queenie caught up with him again (in between his countless gigs!) and tried to work out exactly how many tracks he can squeeze into an hour, was overjoyed by his fave song of all time and is still wondering what determined his choice of stadium venue……

Where can we see/hear you playing? Every Monday at Club Envy Brighton 10.30pm, every Wednesday at Cabaret Charles Street Bar Brighton 9pm, every Thursday at Mad Cow Charles Street (with Lil Lee) 9pm, every Friday at The London Hotel Southampton 9pm, every Saturday at The Hampshire Boulevard Portsmouth 10pm and every Sunday at cabaret Charles Street Bar 7.30pm.

Describe your djing style. It’s a little mental – I’m a ‘radio edit DJ’ so there are lots and lots of tunes packed into every hour!!! Currently I’m playing plenty of chart, RnB, Motown and disco, but it depends on the gig, the venue and the occasion etc.

What’s your favourite song of all time? Janet Kay Silly Games

Which tune always fills up/rescues your dance floor? Older Beyonce tracks, current tunes by Nicki Minaj and Pitbull, old Whitney songs and currently the crowds seem very keen on people like Clean Bandit and Macklemore.

What would be your ultimate dream gig (no holds barred!!!)? It used to be on a luxury yacht in Monaco harbour, but now it’s in a football stadium in India…..I have no idea why!

Name a tune you wish you’d never played and why! Anything at all by Cher Lloyd – I played a track of hers at Brighton Pride 2009 I think, which still haunts me even though I’ve tried to block it from my memory!!!

What’s your guilty pleasure? Marks And Spencer’s chicken and stuffing sandwiches with an iced Starbucks mocha latte. Mmmmmmmm!!!

What’s been your best ever gig? There have been a few…..The first ever Friday night I played in Copenhagen, an amazing pool party in Italy, the last Friday before Xmas 2013 in Southampton and the third Saturday in November last year in Portsmouth. If my memory serves me correctly lol!

Tell us a secret! I hate being bald and wearing glasses!

Roo’s April Top 5


David Guetta feat. Skylar Grey Shot Me Down Parlaphone/Warner Music

Zedd feat. Hayley Williams Stay The Night Interscope

Clean Bandit feat Elizabeth Troy Heart On Fire Bang Tidy/Atlantic

Dj Fresh Vs Jay Fay feat. Ms Dynamite Dibby Dibby Sound Capital XTRA

Bob Sinclar and Raffaella Carra Far L’amore (Club mix) Yellow Productions


Wildblood + Queenie’s April Wonders


Blimey. We’ve been inundated with tunes this month as the players that be get their bounce back and provide you with a summer of hot soundtracks. First up is the magnificent Don’t Be Leftout (Mixed by Matt Tolfrey & Ryan Crosson) on Leftroom. A Visionquest / Leftroom hybrid this house compilation has more bounce than a bunny on Sunny D. Best you hop on board! As has the deep grooves of krankbrother – Recollective 
on Defected. The equivalent of a weekend of festival action in one compilation this should have you grinning from ear to ear. Also highly recommended is the underground essential that is Catwash Beats Vol.3 
on Catwash Records, the gritty electronica of Traumer’s Takt on Herzblut and the complex minimalist soundscapes of The Phantom’s LP 1 on Silverback Recordings. Spring is definitely getting its clever groove on.

And as for those glories happily feeding our tune addiction? First up is the brilliant 5 Years of No19 Music on No19 Music. Never has bliss been programmed so effectively. If you require your hands in the air all hip like, then it has to be Sonny Fodera’s After Parties and Aeroplanes on Cajual Records. A definite fly high wonder. As are the stunners Shades of Gray’s Unlock the Rhythm on Beef Records, the intriguing electronic and house of Kito Jemepre’s Objects on Fata Morgana and the delicious Shinedoe’s Illogical Directions on Intacto. Smitten with these you shall become, we promise. Finally it has to be the deep, deep house beauty that is David K’s Out Of Range on Souvenir Music. Sometimes albums just grab you and, as is the case with Mr K, make you wish you’ll never lose their embrace. Hold tight and enjoy.

Wildblood and Queenie’s April Sound Adventures

1. Fantastic Mr Fox feat. Denai Moore On My Own Black Acre A tune to knock your socks off. Jamie xx approved. WB & QJ loved.

2. Mark Wilkinson & Mikalis House Music Baby (Hifi Sean Remix) Kidology Hifi delivers a remix masterclass as local boy Mikalis does us proud.

3. La Fleur Kattflickan (Art Of Tones Remix) Power Plant  Us + You + La Fleur + sunshine = summer loving all night long.

4. Illyus & Barrientos Do Anything You Wanna Glasgow Underground Sensational deep tech house bass bouncer that insists on a wiggle.

5. S&M feat. Dnae Too Much Not Enough Principal Sophisticated house music that will sauce you up.

6. Patrick Topping Boxed Off Hot Creations Hip house that will get your soul nodding till the early morn.

7. Waifs & Strays Don’t You Stop EP Madtech Chunky deep house that delivers a right proper thrill.

8. Lula Cirus She Loves Me (PBR Streetgang Remix) Culprit A slice of Culprit’s Above The City: Rooftop Rising EP worth grabbing.

9. Apes Two Thousand Six Church Seriously wonderous techno deserving of any 5am dancefloor moment.

10. Fur Coat There’s No Time (wAFF Warehouse Mix) Hot Creations Deep, dark and devilish house that will have you hooked within minutes.

Catch Queenie & Wildblood at DSD Higher and Home Service on Radio Reverb.

Egypt: 4 sentenced to 3-8 years on gay sex charges

Kate Wildblood:


Originally posted on 76 CRIMES:

Agence France-Presse reports via Al Arabiya News :

A court in Egypt sentenced four men to up to eight years in prison on Monday for practicing homosexuality, a judicial official said.

Prosecutors had accused the men of holding “deviant parties” and dressing in women’s clothes. Three were sentenced to eight years and the fourth to three years in prison.

Location of Nasr City, Cairo, in Egypt. (Courtesy of Google Maps)

Location of Nasr City, Cairo, in Egypt. (Courtesy of Google Maps)

Egyptian police typically arrest LGBT people on charges of “sexual immorality” or “debauchery” because the country does not have a law explicitly banning homosexual activity.

In recent months, police have staged at least two widely publicized raids against allegedly LGBT people.

Police arrested 10 people on Nov. 5 on homosexuality-related charges in a  Cairo suburb.

In early October 2013, police arrested 14 men for allegedly engaging in gay sex at a gym/sauna in a working-class district of Cairo.

BuzzFeed reported:


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Questioning Question Time’s Caroline Farrow’s child centric marital view


Dear Caroline Farrow, 

Last night you shared your views about equal marriage on BBC1′s Question Time. You said you believed marriage was not primarily about love but a child centric institution. That people like me should not be married and could not raise children. Your blog recounts your QT experience as well as reiterating your views on the legalisation of gay marriage – a state of affairs you state saddens you and ‘contributes to the weakening of marriage and a denial that as study after study demonstrates, unless there are overwhelming circumstances such as violence or substance abuse, children fare better with and have the right to be brought up by both biological parents’.  You also write that you are not ‘advocating penalising or punishing people on account of their sexuality’ but surely to deny anyone equality in the eyes of the law or society is to do just that?

You write that you don’t believe that you will see a reversal of the equal marriage bill in your lifetime. That this makes you sad. It makes me rejoice, for in my lifetime I have seen changes I never thought possible when I came out in the late 1980s. I have campaigned and worked, like so many others, for change and equality. For the right to be who I am. To not be labelled as propaganda hell bent on perverting school children. To be able to access fair treatment and healthcare regardless of my status. To demand that those like me have the right to be safe on the streets. To be able to walk into my local police station and, without fear, report a hate crime. To be free from persecution and enjoy an equal age of consent. To stand besides those in other countries where being openly gay or lesbian is a life sentence.

I’ve witnessed the hatred in the eyes of those who would have us recriminalised, who would tattoo the HIV positive, queer bash us and banish those who practise homosexual acts to the outskirts of society or worse.  I wish you could of marched in my shoes and had seen the changes I’ve seen. Then perhaps you would not greet them with horror, fearful of the equalities to come. You would rejoice. We are moving on from the days of hatred, fear and discrimination. The times demand it. I would even say your God demands it. Equal marriage isn’t just about love, its about equality. Equality hard fought for by so many before me and beside me. The many I am so very proud of today. What was it that bloke with a beard once said? Love your neighbour as yourself. We are neighbours dear lady and therefore in the name of equality I love you regardless of how you choose to live your life and who you choose to share it with. Isn’t it time you opened your eyes and returned the favour?

Madonna puts apparently meaningful words in a line to sell skincare


Oh Madonna, Madonna, Madonna, Madonna. What are you like? Flogging me a skin product that appears to only work if one can parade around life solely shot in black and white by some hip film director isn’t your greatest moment. A parody-like ad even the most famous of undie floggers wouldn’t have sunk to, all it induces in me is the desire to not cuff you but gag you. It’s not the debate about age appropriateness or the endless Gaga Vs. Beyonce Vs. Madge battles, its the talk. Please for the love of god stop talking. Putting words in a line, together, all moody like, does not count as enlightenment. Let the serum you’ve been working on for hours, days, months do the selling instead. Oh yeah, hang on, your surgeon is your serum.

I do love you Madge, you’ve soundtracked some of my finest hours but really, this is too much. Not that’d I’d fit in your previous commercial ventures – oh the chaff of those lacy black smalls – but this latest Madonna adventure has me wanting only one thing. Whatever parody of this parody-like ad Charlie Hides TV produces.

Perfect Distractions: La Fleur Feline EP (Art Of Tones / Jesper Ryom Remixes)


Some tunes just take you there. You know. There. Ice cold beer in your hand. Sun on your face. Your favourite one by your side. Surrounded by your besties. The night young, the promise perfect. Oh the promise. La Fleur’s Kattflickan (Art Of Tones Remix) on Power Plant records brings such promise. First listen and the wiggle was had. A second and I was addicted to the rewind button. A slice of soulful electronica that has discerning stamped all over it, this is one Swedish export I can’t wait to unpack. Grab it while the promise is hot.

La Fleur’s Feline (Remixed) EP is out on Power Plant Records 31st March 2014.